The Tithe Collector

zahra teaserZahra is addicted to human magic. Sick with craving, charged with a capital crime, and with her sister being held as leverage by the Djinn King, Zahra is forced to join the team as the tithe collector, the one position certain to deepen her addiction.


niccolo teaserNiccolo is a vampire who, after failing out of the military, became the lover of his goddess, only to commit an act of adultery that left him handfasted to a bouda shape-shifter and filling the role of enforcer on the team, a position Nic knows he is inadequate to fill.


beryl teaserBeryl was the most feared Fae assassin of all time, but she’s been demoted to the team’s investigator. Like Niccolo, she committed an act of adultery, but for Beryl, the punishment is especially humbling, having lost everything she values and forced to work with people she considers lesser beings.


wade tWade is the only member of the team honored with his inclusion. He is human, Blessed by the king of gods and exploited for unfathomable purposes. Wade was saved from death and meeting the king of gods has made his faith unshakable—which he’ll need because his mission is to create a viable squad out of the misfits he’s been assigned.

Magic is necessary to all things, but like any other source of power, it can be abused. The king of gods has created a Special Collections Team to deal with illegal magic users, those who break the law set forth by the Council of Five. Being part of the team is not an honor however, but a punishment for the crimes the teammates have committed themselves.

From tragic romance to zealous belief, the Special Collections Team is in over their heads, but still must find a way to be successful in their investigations, pay their penance and learn to work as a team.

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In Santeria & Sorcery, their first case finds them in Miami, where trouble has come to the attention of the Council of Five. A sorcerer is stealing magic to set himself up as a god, but the team is new and each are unused to working well with others. Their personal issues also hinder their investigation—dealing with bloodthirsty boyfriends, jealous fairy kings and a dangerous fallen angel on top of their own emotional deficiencies take a toll.

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Changelings & Champions, Book 2

Changelings & Champions

Magic is necessary to all things, but too much of it is sending the emotions of the Dark Fae Court to extremes.

The Fae Nation’s championship boxing match is the highlight of the year, but there’s a chaos-creating surge of energy accompanying every exhibition bout leading up to the main event. With the championship looming, the Special Collections Team is called to Las Vegas to investigate the magical disturbances at the Red Raven casino, the home of the volatile Dark Fae Court.

But the fae are not the only ones affected by the instability. The Dark Court is a hostile environment for the team, dragging them closer to emotional breakdowns and lines drawn in the sand. Dangerous royals, randy revelers and relationship dramas have the Special Collections Team close to folding, until a pair of changelings ups the ante.

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Conjurers & Candy Canes
A Christmas special!

Santa is missing, and the Special Collections team has been called in to find him. While investigating the candy cane factory he disappeared from, two teammates are caught in a conjurer’s trap, and only quick thinking, and a lusty wish, can set them free.


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