The Psychic Trilogy

Read a sample of Seduced in Dreams

After years of denying her psychic ability, Meggie must now face her deepest fears…

When reluctant clairvoyant Meggie Kain absorbs the memories of an erotic encounter with what she mistakenly believes to be a Succubus, she finds herself claimed, tainted with its darkness and fighting for her freedom.

Roommates Jim and Kyle need help banishing the sex demon binding itself to them. Meggie has only ever wanted to be normal, but now that the demon is transferring its attentions to her, she must delve into the darkest parts of her psyche and sexuality, breaking down barriers she’s spent her life hiding behind.

Joining together in a carnal triangle is the trio’s only hope in their battle against an entity that literally wants to love them to death.






Read a sample of Tempted by Nightmares

After agreeing to help find a missing woman, Rebecca’s sanity is pushed to the breaking point…

Aiden Parnellis is a private detective with a reputation for finding the impossible to find, but he’s had no luck in locating his missing sister. Out of traditional options and losing hope, he agrees to meet with Rebecca Sterling.

Resolved to putting her talent to good use, Rebecca works with the police, but her visions are starting to merge with reality. She begins to need Aiden in a way that terrifies her—his body, his strength and his determination to protect her. And when Rebecca becomes the next target of a monstrous man, Aiden is all that stands between her and insanity.






Read a sample of Enthralled with Visions

After she’d faced down a demon in her youth, Nina had thought she’d never be afraid of anything again. She was wrong…

Investigating a family curse puts psychic medium Nina Rodriguez in close contact with Michael Marsden, a sexy skeptic who has become the immediate target of a dangerous haunting. To stop the two entities responsible for the violence filling the Marsden family’s history, the pair must discover the origins of the paranormal disturbances. Their success hinges on Nina’s ability to trust Michael—a difficult thing to do when he falls under the influence of evil.