Why isn’t anyone Enthralled?

This book. Dear God, what is it with this book?

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Enthralled with Visions…used to be Ties of Family. Suck-ass title, I know, that’s why I changed it. The story was simple enough—a psychic medium is hired to investigate a family curse, but instead of dealing with the man who hired her, she gets stuck with his son, a world class skeptic. Except, traveling to the familial estate opens his eyes…and he’s the last generation, so all the shit comes down on his head, and she’s the only thing that can stop it.

Or can she?

Ah, a possible plot twist.

Well, this book was hard for me to write. No, not really…this book was hard for me to organize. I had all the pieces to it written in fine time, but figuring out where everything went was a hell of a process. I moved chapters several times.

It’s also really tricky because I open with a masturbation scene. Why? Nina is tough as nails, a turtle—hard exterior, pulls into herself for protection. Nobody gets close to her. Except, with Michael Marsden, she always gets caught on her back foot. She’s always vulnerable around him, starting with the very first chapter, where she mistakes him for a ghost and pays him no mind while she pleasures herself.

Needless to say, that gives him something of an advantage. Nina never really recovers from her embarrassment, and that opens doors she never expected.

So maybe that’s part of the problem? People read the sample and think ‘No way. No way am I reading this book that starts with sex—Jesus, so cliché!—and not just sex, but sex with one’s lonesome…’

*Ahem, ‘Lonesome’ being a key word*

Nina is lonely, and frightened. She puts up a big front—nothing scares her! She faced down a demon, she handles ghosts and Ghoulies with ease! She can even deal with crazy family members…but she’s terrified of having a relationship, terrified of having sex because she’s convinced no one can handle her kinks, and—most especially—she’s terrified of Michael, because he sees through all of it.

Nina, above any other character I’ve written, needs the emotional connection to another in order to find pleasure. For her, pleasure comes on the threads of pain, there are scenes that walk the dubcon line, but Michael brings out her vulnerabilities. He digs into her from the very first, and keeps on going until she has no other choice but to surrender—her pride is on the line, after all. It’s something of a triple dog dare…but he’s earned a measure of her trust and has offered a shoulder for her to lean on.


Nina has a lot of heart. She’s protective and wants to help. She wants to get to the bottom of the Marsden family curse, she wants to set the bloodline free. She does what she must, even when it’s not in her best interests, or makes her uncomfortable…

And Michael? He’s stubborn, but he’s a man who appreciates strength, and Nina has that in spades.

Will you like this story? I really don’t know. I’ve given out over 300 copies of this book and haven’t gotten more than one review on it yet, so I have no idea what hits and what misses in this one. But it is currently on sale at Amazon, so now is a good time to see for yourself. (Um, and if you could let me know whether you liked it or not, that would be awesome!)




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The Psychic Trilogy

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Demons, monsters and ghosts…three psychic women must face their deepest fears, because their freedom can only be found in the dark.

Seduced in Dreams

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After years of denying her psychic ability, Meggie must now face her deepest fears…

When reluctant clairvoyant Meggie Kain absorbs the memories of an erotic encounter with what she mistakenly believes to be a Succubus, she finds herself claimed, tainted with its darkness and fighting for her freedom.

Roommates Jim and Kyle need help banishing the sex demon binding itself to them. Meggie has only ever wanted to be normal, but now that the demon is transferring its attentions to her, she must delve into the darkest parts of her psyche and sexuality, breaking down barriers she’s spent her life hiding behind.

Joining together in a carnal triangle is the trio’s only hope in their battle against an entity that literally wants to love them to death.

About Lola White

Delve into the emotions, dive into the erotic.

An extensive traveler who loves to incorporate various legends from around the world into her tales, best-selling author Lola White likes to twist reality at its edges in her stories. She likes delving into the emotions of her characters, finding their strengths and weaknesses, and seeing (and showing) how they get themselves out of whatever trouble has found them—if they can.





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My Mythology: Shadow People

Shadow people aren’t exactly a new phenomenon, but sightings are definitely on the upswing lately. Most people who claim to encounter shadow people say they see it out of the corner of their eye – a smoky shape that strongly resembles a whole or partial person. But more and more, witnesses are claiming to see whole apparitions, directly in front of them.

Shadow people range in density, sometimes a dark grey, sometimes a thick black. As I said before, they can outline the entire shape of a person – predominantly males – or just a portion of a man’s frame. Sometimes these shadows are so well defined, people swear they are wearing hats or cloaks or even have red, glowing eyes. They are mostly considered to be male judging by their appearance, and definitely have an agenda. There is only one non-changing fact about all the sightings of shadow people…

They have no face.

They are very different from ordinary ghosts, which tend to be described as white or a misty, pale thing. Shadow people are definitely not ‘residual energy’ as many spectral phenomena can be classified – you know those hauntings, the woman who weeps in the castle tower every new moon, or the white cloud that passes through the same door at 3am sharp. Those are considered to be energy stuck on repeat, a leftover impression of something that happened in the past.

So what are shadow people? So many theories, so little time… Here are a just a few.


While not a common theory, some believe shadow people are angels, sent to watch over us. These are the few that have experienced feelings of joy, peace or safety in the presence of this phenomenon. They are in the minority, as far as theories go.


A vastly more popular school of thought, shadow people as demons would certainly explain the glowing red eyes. As most people describe a terrible feeling of dread or fear when they witness this phenomenon, demons would fit the bill very well.

Interdimensional Beings

This theory is rapidly gaining believers. Those who follow this line of thought believe the shadows are caused by a thinning of the veil between parallel dimensions allowing people on this side (and therefore the other, as well) to catch a glimpse of life in a dimension not our own. That would mean somewhere in another dimension, their people are having the same discussion about shadow people every time they look over and see one of us through the divide.


I went in a different direction for my novel Ties of Family, the last in the Psychic Trilogy. In this book, Nina Rodriguez (I know many of you have been waiting for her story!) has agreed to conduct a paranormal investigation of the extremely haunted Marsden family estate. Among the other ghosts and ghoulies, she encounters a shadow person predominantly responsible for all the centuries of incest, murder and insanity plaguing the Marsden bloodline.

I made my shadow person a creature of ancient evil. Older than demons, older than the gods that locked it up in the earth, it is completely alien to humanity. There is no mercy, there is no loyalty and there is no love. It knows only survival, greed and hunger.

In true shadow people style, I made my being male in shape, dark grey and nearly fully formed. No red eyes or hats, but inspiring a sickening sensation every time it is close – paranoia, dread, fear – and it shows Nina all the sins it has committed on the family property since it was released from its imprisonment. It can project a different image of itself into Nina’s mind in its attempts to induce fear. But those of you who’ve read the other books in the trilogy know Nina fears nothing…except Michael Marsden, but that’s a topic for a different blog.

I, like everyone else, have no idea what a shadow person truly is. But I’ve seen one. Fully formed, darker than night, and I was terrified. But that terror came from within me, not from the specter. You’ll have to make up your own mind about what they are, and those of you who have witnessed shadow people already have an idea – and know whether or not you’d like to see another.

Ties of Family will be released near Halloween 2014, the perfect time to settle in with a scary story. Then, you can read all about my take on this phenomenon for yourself.

Hot Zippy

The last week of May 2014, I ran a promotion for Demon’s Bond  which I put on sale for 99 cents to celebrate the release of the second novel in my psychic trilogy, Monster’s Chains

Now I’ve had Demon’s Bond out since January 2014 with extremely moderate sales. (I’ve had Lured From the Path out since December 2013 with just a handful of sales on Amazon, though on Smashwords, Apple ibooks, Barnes & Noble and Kobo the book is free and has done pretty well without any promotion or marketing at all.)

But this is about Demon’s Bond. I was hoping to increase my sales, and I have to say I did. I rose in the Amazon ranks about 250,000 places in 2 days. Those were the days I promoted the sale on the Hot Zippy sites, www.pixelscroll.com and www.bargainebookhunter.com

Later in the week I promoted on World Literary Café and did not get a single sale from it. Maybe it was the placement of the promo (they seem to hide erotica – big surprise there), maybe it was the day of the week (Thursday and Friday versus a Wednesday) or maybe it’s just a lack of interest, though I’ve gotten a handful of sales before I ever promoted Demon’s Bond at all, so it’s hard for me to say.

But I wanted to give Pixelscroll and Bargain ebook Hunter a shout-out for helping my sales. Other authors – make use of them. They take all genres, including erotica so long as your cover is tasteful and not covered with words like gangbang, pussy or cock. Readers – go like them on Facebook or go directly to their websites and let them show you the free books, books on sale or priced as a bargain. We indie/self-published authors could use your support, and so could these promo sites. Helping them grow is a win-win, they get more books to promote and readers get more books to read.

So, if you’re looking for a place to promote your books or find books on sale, I know two great places to start…


My Mythology: Psychometry/Psychoscopy

Psychometry (from Greek, meaning spirit measure) is also known as psychoscopy or token object reading. Generally, it’s a form of clairvoyance where the psychic has the ability to touch an object and read the residual energy, or the history of that object. The word was coined by Joseph Buchanan in the 1800s who thought the practice would revolutionize science.

Needless to say, the practice is extremely controversial. (And didn’t, in fact, change the way scientists went about their business.)

In Monster’s Chains, Rebecca Sterling has this ability, but it’s a little different from what’s typically accepted for the talent. I gave my character the ability to see crimes from the perpetrator’s point of view, whereas most real-life people who claim to have this ability will see through the eyes of the object’s owner, or as a distant, third-party observer. My research into this phenomenon turned up quite a lot of information on psychics and how they work with the police on various cases.

Mostly, the police don’t believe them. There are countless examples of psychics who’ve helped solve crimes, but there are just as many examples of inaccuracies. Statistically, it’s about 50-50 whether a psychic is useful or a hindrance.

There have been a lot of famous psychics who’ve really developed a following. When they are wrong, the believers point out that nobody is right 100% of the time. When they are right, the skeptics point out that they are really good profilers who read body language and other small clues people give unconsciously.

I tried to weave this into my story. Not actual historical cases of course, but the prevailing sentiment. Though the detective she works with believes in her, the police are generally skeptical of Rebecca, as is Aiden until she offers him irrefutable proof. In fact, Rebecca hasn’t always been convinced she had the ability – she never had a way to get proof of her accuracy until she started working with Detective Frank James. Aiden considers her a ‘phony’ only able to read his body language like any good profiler could, until she witnesses a scene from his childhood that he never shared with anyone else. Suddenly he’s a believer – and he’s desperate to believe as he needs Rebecca to help him find his missing sister.

If you want to look into the practice further, Wikipedia is a good place to start. In addition, check out the real life stories of these psychics: Florence Sternfels, Greta Alexander, Nancy Myers Czetli, Nella Jones, Gerard Croiset, Georgia Rudolph, Annette Martin, Peter Hurkos and Dorothy Allison

I didn’t write this book, or this post, to support or deny psychometry/psychoscopy. You can make up your own mind. But if you want to read a sexy, scary (fictional!) story about a woman with the ability and a man who’s trying to protect her from someone who wants to manipulate that ability, Monster’s Chain will be available June 1st on Amazon and Smashwords, and soon enough after that at Barnes & Noble, Apple Ibooks and Kobo.


Monster’s Chains







Monster’s Chains

Rebecca Sterling is a psychic who sees crimes from the perpetrator’s point of view. Resolved to putting her talent to good use, she works with the police, but her sanity is pushed to the breaking point when she agrees to help find a missing woman.

Aiden Parnellis grew up protecting his sister in an abusive home, something Rebecca is forced to witness the first time she touches him. A private detective with a reputation for finding the impossible to find, Aiden has been searching for his missing sister for the past year — with no results. Out of traditional options and losing hope, he agrees to meet with Rebecca.

Her visions of his sister’s kidnapping become confused with the strange dreams she’s been having. Dreams of a monster who is also a man, intent on stealing both her freedom and her sanity. Aiden is all that stands between Rebecca and madness, his submission to her sexual dominance fueling a lust that battles back the horror of what she’s seen. She needs him in a way that terrifies her — his body, his strength and his determination to protect her, especially when it becomes clear the kidnapper’s next victim will be Rebecca, her nightmares becoming reality when she’s caught in the monster’s chains.

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