Teri has made a resolution to be more sexually adventurous, and her employee, Chris, knows he’s just the man to help her ring in the New Year with a bang.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge New Year

An excerpt from Resolutions

The quick, hard rap on the door had Teri Martin looking up with a scowl of impatience. She quickly smoothed the expression off her face when she saw Chris Thompson smiling at her from the threshold. As per usual, her belly tightened, but she ignored the wayward spike of lust and gave him a polite smile. He hesitated just a moment before striding purposefully into her office.

“What are you doing, Boss?”

Teri leaned back in her chair, fighting to keep her eyes on his and not let them roam over his tall, lean body. “Working.”

“You know, I’m pretty sure it’s bad luck to work on New Year’s Eve. Even worse to work during my going away party.”

She tucked an unruly strand of dark hair behind her ear and kept her tone as neutral as possible. “Yeah, well, next quarter’s budget is due in—” she glanced at the clock, “—exactly eight hours. Apparently, everyone around here thinks it’s no big deal to turn their reports in two minutes before closing time.”

“You’ll miss the fireworks.”

“I can see them from my window.”

“Come on, Teri.”

She held herself still as his plea, spoken in his unique, soft tone, washed over her. Part of her wished he would just leave already. The rest of her wanted nothing more than to throw the thick pile of line-item budgets in the trash and go join the party. His party.

His going away party.

In less than an hour, the ball would drop in New York City, and the fireworks would shoot off over the Baltimore Harbor. Another hour after that, the party would be over, and Chris Thompson would no longer be her employee.

She still wasn’t sure how she felt about that.

When he’d turned in his resignation, Teri hadn’t known whether to sigh with relief or cry at the loss. It was damned awkward to face him every day when he filled the starring role in her fantasies. And yet, he was brilliant, the best at what he did. She’d almost rather go on as they were before, discomfited as she was, than lose him. But he’d found a better job and she couldn’t ask him to stay.

So she’d smiled with good grace, wished him well through clenched teeth and let the giggling receptionist plan a party that combined New Year’s Eve with a Farewell-To-Chris.

Whose dark eyes were dancing with amusement, as he came around her desk, bringing an intoxicatingly subtle scent of expensive cologne with him.


Want to read the rest? Resolutions will be released as a single story on January 3, 2015, but if you’re impatient, you can find Resolutions in the anthology Coffee Break Quickies from Storm Moon Press

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