Queen Avis 2: 6 – Shrinking Violet

queen avis 2


shrinking violet

Avis was conflicted.

She’d liked watching Halen get his dick sucked. She’d loved having his fingers thrusting inside her, too. She was excited by the idea that another woman could be doing something that, by rights, should have stolen every ounce of his focus, and yet it hadn’t.

He’d made Avis his priority.

But the whole night had been tainted with a vague seediness, which haunted Avis as she sat at her sister’s kitchen island, trying not to fidget on her stool while avoiding her sister’s gaze. Too bad she couldn’t avoid her ire, too.

“Way too damned late!” Gillian snarled. “How do you think my kid can sleep, when you’re traipsing in here at all hours of the night?”

“I was home by midnight,” Avis muttered.

“And Parker is asleep by then. We don’t need you banging in here, waking everyone up.”

“My God, Gilly, I was as quiet as I could be. It’s not like I tore through this place throwing shit around.”

Her sister straightened—her shoulders, her spine and her chin all stiffened dangerously. “You live in my house, you live by my rules. Or you get out. I’m doing you a favor by letting you stay here, Avis.”

* * *

“Move in with me.”

Avis gaped at Halen. She’d come into the office to escape her sister’s irritation, and there was always work to do anyway, even on the weekend. She’d been surprised to find Halen there, but his presence at her desk seemed to pull the story from her. Truth had bubbled up and spilled out, and he’d listened patiently.

Shaking her head, she felt the surprise weakening her words into a breathy denial she knew he wouldn’t heed. “I can’t! We’re just barely…dating.”

“I’ve got you and I intend to keep you.” Halen walked around her desk and leaned down into her face. “Might as well start as we’ll go on. Besides, it’ll be more convenient.”

“Convenient for what?”

He grinned. Without answering, he put his lips to hers. A gentle press had Avis opening for him, accepting the slick, confident slide of his tongue against hers. Perhaps it was the latent promise in the caress, or perhaps it was the dare she could taste, but either way, she shivered.

Halen took that as her agreement. He pulled back and whispered. “We’ll start moving your stuff today.”



Author’s Note

I have no idea who is reading Queen Avis and who isn’t. There have been some problems with the comment link (found below) being too light, or perhaps not working properly. I need to find someone who can revamp my website, but I need specific things in a specific price range, so it’s taking a while. Until this issue is fixed, this site won’t accept feedback. Plus, to be really honest, I’m bored with the serial aspect of this story. The plot I’ve worked out tells a longer tale than I had originally expected, and telling this tale week by week poses a challenge attached, which impacts the reading experience negatively, in my opinion. Since the first act of the story has already been released, I’d like to stop the serial aspect and put each act out into the world every two weeks. There are six altogether, which would drag on for much too long in serial format. I would like to release the next installment in two weeks, and then another installment every two weeks after that, with pre-order links available for your convenience.

I’d love to hear from you. I’d love for some feedback to the story also, and have invited people to join me in this experiment from the first. If you’re just joining us, please speak up. You can all email me at info (@) lola-white (dot) com.


Queen Avis is an ongoing story by Lola White. It is virtually unedited, and will eventually be published in its entirety. Each week, a new chapter will be posted, however there is no guarantee that previous chapters will still be available. This story is copyrighted (2016-2017), with all rights reserved.

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