Queen Avis 2: 4 – Cross Pollination

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Avis tried not to stiffen in her seat as Halen’s hand pressed her thigh. His fingers inched higher, nearly completely hidden by her skirt. In truth, she was beginning to get used to the feel of his palm stroking her skin, beginning to get used to the outrageousness of his desire to touch her in public.

First at the bar, then at the…club.

To his credit, Halen hadn’t lied when he’d promised not to take her to some dungeon. Avis wasn’t sure what she’d expected, but the strategically lit, well-designed cocktail lounge wasn’t even close. There were no chains on the walls, no ball gags in sight, not a crop, a whip or a paddle on premises.

She’d told herself she was relieved, though that sentiment had been short-lived, considering all the other things going on in the shadows. Not to mention the show taking place under the very bright spotlight angled toward the stage.

Halen’s fingers drifted north a few more inches, toying with the edge of Avis’ underwear. He stroked and flicked, then slid toward the center of the fabric, pressing slightly—just enough to make Avis gasp and wriggle before he retreated.

“Do you like the show?” he asked her.

“It…I’m…not used to…this.” She didn’t think her face could burn any worse. “But, honestly, it’s…not really doing anything for me.”

The couple on stage were very inventive. Avis could appreciate their creativity, and everything they did was arousing—in a very cold sort of way. They were pretty, but Avis had gotten wetter watching bad porn at home, though that could have been due to the fact that the company had been more familiar and the setting more relaxing. It was strange watching two strangers fuck on stage while she sat at a table with the only person she knew in the whole room.

Halen pushed his finger beneath her panties. Avis couldn’t help but squirm as a streak of heat curved over her folds, her nerves soaking up the sensation of his fingertip slipping over her skin and transmitting it to its neighbors so that Avis felt as if a wave washed between her legs. She softened in a rush.

“You’re feeling uncomfortable,” Halen murmured. He moved his finger up and down, tracing her slit. “You have no connection to the people in this room or on that stage and therefore you don’t find any of this appropriately stimulating. You’re bone dry.”

Shame filtered through her. She tried to defend herself. “I’m just surprised! I don’t know what you want or what you expect and—”

“That’s all right.” The corner of his lip lifted, giving Avis pause, but the gleam in his eye when he glanced her way suggested amusement, rather than disappointment. “We’re here to find out what makes you tick, baby. I want your reactions to be natural.”

“Reactions to what?”

“You need intimacy, I think. You need trust, and I completely understand that, Avis. Quite frankly, that’s my kink too, you know?”

“No.” She shook her head. “I don’t know. I don’t understand what you’re doing and I don’t know why we’re here except to put me on the spot and make me feel bad about myself.”

Do you feel bad about yourself, Avis?”

Halen turned to face her fully. His fingers stopped moving between her legs and he leaned toward her, crowding her space even more than he had been, placing his mouth too close, so that his breath puffed against her lips. She fidgeted, knowing there was no way to hide from his scrutiny.

“Maybe not bad about myself, exactly.” The words took a deep search of her soul, though she tried to be quick in her response. “Maybe just nervous, and surrounded by a bunch of people who don’t look nervous. I don’t feel…safe, or maybe I don’t fit in my own skin. I don’t know how to describe what I feel, Halen, I just… I’m not…enjoying myself.”

“So I gather.” Halen pulled his hand from beneath her skirt and waved it about, indicating the room in general. “Look around, Avis. Pick a woman, any woman. Who do you think is least nervous? Who do you think has the most confidence in here?”

Taking a deep breath, she turned to survey the room. Squinting through the shadows, her gaze was immediately captured by a woman she’d noticed earlier—a woman who seemed to attract attention easily, without even trying. She sparkled in a way Avis knew she, herself, never could.

She tipped her head. “That woman, over there, in the blue dress.”

Halen looked. Then he smiled. “Good choice. Her name’s Marie. She is confident, and she’s extremely generous, intelligent, easy to pleasure and eager to please in return. She’s good company, especially on a night like this.”

“What does that mean?” Alarm bells started clanging in Avis’ skull. “A night like this? What do you mean by that?”

Again, Halen leaned close. “Stay at this table. I’ll be right back, so don’t get up, just wait for me. I want you to meet her.”

Avis did as he asked, not taking her eyes off him as Halen walked to the other woman’s table. He smiled and shook the hand of the gentleman with her, then kissed Marie’s wrist with old-fashioned flair. All three laughed. Then Halen sat. He spoke with them for so long that Avis truly began to feel uncomfortable, conspicuously alone at her table. She tried to control her breathing and refused to look away from Halen, despite the distance between them, for fear that some other man might invite himself to entertain her.

Finally Halen stood up. A heartbeat later, he helped Marie to her feet and, with a nod toward the gentleman they left behind, he ushered her back toward Avis. They made a pit stop at a banquette against the wall, where Halen snagged a pillow off the bench.

“Avis,” he drew his guest up to the table and put his hand to her back, “this is Marie. Marie, this is the woman I’m trying to woo, Avis.”

“Pleasure,” the goddess purred.

Avis had to clear her throat to produce words. “Likewise.”

“I love it when men woo,” Marie confided. “Every woman deserves to be wooed, don’t you think?”

“Um…yes?” Avis wasn’t sure. She supposed it depended on how, exactly, a man went about such a thing. Considering the expression on Halen’s face, she wasn’t certain she could handle it.

“Let’s see, now…” Frowning, Halen began arranging their chairs. He scooted Avis’ around slightly, and placed his next to hers, at an angle. He sat down, glanced at Marie, nodded and tossed the pillow to the floor between his shoes. “Avis, take your panties off.”

“What?” She didn’t think she’d heard him correctly.

“Take them off, please. It will be easier.”

Avis’ gaze shot up to Marie, then back to Halen. “You’ve lost your mind.”

“You don’t have to go anywhere. Just do it here, baby. Step right out of them.”

“No way.

Halen lifted a brow. “Do you trust me?”

Again, Avis looked at Marie. Up close, the woman was even prettier than Avis had originally thought. Somehow, she’d hoped the other woman’s skin would be lined or loose, or be in some other less-than-perfect state of existence, something that was hidden by low lighting and distance. But Marie was a creature of beauty. She nodded in encouragement.

With a sigh, Avis stood and wriggled out of her panties. Smiling, but not gloating, Halen took them and tucked them back into his pocket. “Thank you. Please sit down.”

Avis blinked. “Me?”


She did. Halen cocked his head, slid his chair a fraction of an inch closer, adjusted the pillow, then waved at it. “Marie?”

The woman dropped to her knees. Halen stuck his finger into his mouth. When he withdrew it, the length shone in the low lighting. So did his lower lip.

Avis was mesmerized by the gleam. She was still staring at his mouth when he shifted, thrust his hand beneath her skirt and found her entrance. His wet finger sank into her pussy before Avis realized his intention.

She clamped around him. Halen hummed. “Keep doing that, baby. That’s how I’ll know what you like.”

“I don’t understand.” All Avis knew was that she was entirely too uncomfortable with the turn of events. She was beginning to get used to that, too.

Marie laughed and reached for Halen’s fly. “You’ll figure it out, love. Just tell me what you want to see, tell me what you want me to do, and we’ll get you all settled in no time.”

Halen grinned. “I told you she was generous.”

“You mean…”

Avis’s eyes flew wide as Marie wrested Halen’s cock from his pants. With just a single teasing stroke to get the length to stand upright, the woman opened her mouth and took him in.

Lust rocketed through Avis’ body.

# # #

Queen Avis is an ongoing story by Lola White. It is virtually unedited, and will eventually be published in its entirety. Each week, a new chapter will be posted, however there is no guarantee that previous chapters will still be available. This story is copyrighted (2016-2017), with all rights reserved.

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