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rosy petals

Halen moved around her desk. Stalking her while she remained rigid in her chair, hunting her emotionally—Avis shivered as a primitive tingle moved up her spine, warning her that danger was near, but excitement made her too breathless to do anything to save herself. He perched on the edge, right next to her keyboard, and leaned forward.

Placing his finger on her bare knee, he said, “I noticed you the first day you came here. You were timid.”

“No, I—” Her voice broke as he sent his finger skating around her knee. She’d almost managed to remember her protest when he stroked up her inner thigh. One single fingertip snuck beneath her skirt’s hem and threw Avis’ nerves into a chaotic frenzy.

A smooth slide up, slipping over the skin of her inner thigh. Higher and higher as her body began to heat and her rational brain whispered that her boss was just behind the doors at her back. What would she do if he came out and saw her?

Oh my god.

That thought, too, seemed to make her hotter. The idea of someone’s eyes on her, much the same way she’d watched Logan with other women, shot down to her clit and shook it into full wakefulness. The idea of being so vulnerable, center stage, showing everyone the pleasure she received, the pleasure lavished upon her, pulsed between her legs like a physical touch.

Then Halen was touching. He slipped his finger under her panties, pushing between her dampening folds. “You were timid. Lacking in confidence, without a sense of your own authority. You were pretty, you were organized, and even a stump could see you were intelligent, so it’s no wonder why you got the job, Avis, but you’ve changed since then.”

Hearing the same accusation Logan had made on several occasions, she grabbed Halen’s wrist. “I haven’t!

“You have.” Halen rubbed her slick, silken skin with maddening pressure. “You’ve grown into the position you were hired for. Stronger, more direct. You even stand taller now.”

Avis shook her head. “No…I…I’m just…me.”

“A confident woman,” Halen murmured in a tone that sent a delicious tingle straight through Avis’ core. “Confidence is the sexiest thing on earth, but you can do even better.”

She tightened her hold on his wrist as he rested his fingertip at her entrance. Her pussy flooded and her muscles clenched and released in a tantalizing pattern that begged for his possession. Halen teased her with a subtle penetration that barely breached her body.

She spread her knees wide in blatant invitation. “Please.”

“Please what, Avis? Please claim you as my own? Please thrust my fingers into your cunt and play until you scream loud enough your boss comes out to see what’s happened?”

A sob tore free of her chest and her hips jerked upward. Spine arching, Avis gripped Halen’s wrist with a force that turned both their hands bone white.

Halen narrowed his eyes. “I see. You’d like that, would you? You want someone to see how much I want you? How hard I get for you and how wet I can make you?”

One finger slid deep into her pussy. He withdrew and pressed in again, over and over until Avis’ nerves crawled with the need for more. Something wider, longer and hotter than his finger—she wanted him to free his cock and slam into her cunt right then and there, where anybody could see.

But Halen slipped free of her pussy and twisted his hand from her hold. Abandoning her to aching need, writhing on her desk chair with every nerve and muscle humming with anticipation, he stepped back. His lips twisted as he scanned her body—knees wide, back arched—and a flush crawled over his cheekbones. His erection seemed determined to press through his zipper.

“God, you’re beautiful. This is not the time or place for that game, Avis, but I promise we’ll play it soon.” He sucked his finger into his mouth, curling his tongue around his knuckle. He moaned, leaving Avis to imagine how sweet her juices might taste.

When her boss used the intercom to call for her expert secretarial assistance a moment later, she could hardly find the will to answer,. With a glare that promised retribution—somehow and someway—Avis forced her shaky legs to hold her weight and turned her back on the man who’d turned her whole life upside down.

The man who tempted her, pursued her and offered a beguiling freedom no one else had ever thought to suggest.

* * *

“How was your day, dear?”

Avis tossed her purse onto her sister’s kitchen island and sank down onto a stool. “Long. It was really long and I didn’t get a chance to look for an apartment.”

Gillian heaved a sigh before getting off her own stool to fiddle with the oven. To Avis’ surprise, her sister pulled out a casserole dish and set it on the counter. Her stay so far had been less than welcoming. Gilly hadn’t been thrilled when Avis showed up at her door, but she’d let her stay on the assumption that she’d be gone as soon as possible.

“You made me dinner?”

“It’s just what was left over from ours.” Gilly gave her a knife and fork, then surprised her again by offering a glass of wine. “I emailed you a few listings I found online. I think they’re in your price range.”

“I’ll take a look.”

Avis dipped her head and concentrated on her dinner rather than meet her sister’s eyes. Gilly had been good enough to take her in with zero advance warning, but she’d also been pretty vocal about being short on space with an active six-year-old taking up the lion’s share of her loft.

The pressure was on, the clock was ticking…and all Avis could hear was Halen’s question, over and over in her mind. His question had her own rising too fast to figure out her own desires.

Could she be with him? Could she truly be with Halen in a relationship that wasn’t toxic, knowing that he would fuck other women, and maybe even expect the same infidelity from her? Would he share her with his friends, and was that an idea that had Avis squirming from excitement, or revulsion?

Would Halen be nothing more than a rebound from Logan? A major swing of the pendulum from one extreme to the other? Logan was colder than Halen, more aloof and distant, though affectionate when he wanted to be. Halen found every excuse to put his hands on Avis, but would that last? And how would she feel when she saw him put his hands on someone else? Fantasy was one thing, after all, and reality something else entirely.

“Gilly,” she glanced up at her sister, “when you and Parker’s dad broke it off, did you have a…a… rebound thing?”

“A rebound thing?” Gillian shook her head. “Ah, no, honey. I have rules, a list of expectations if you will, and any man who wants to be with me better be something a hell of a lot more special than a rebound. I’ve got a child to think of.”

“So how long—”

“Avis, this is pretty personal stuff and I’m not comfortable speaking of it.”

“I’m your sister!”

“Then I’m especially not going to speak of it.” Gilly sighed. “Look, I’m sorry that Logan was a cheating asshole, honey, but don’t let his actions make you into some sort of slut, okay?”

Avis reared back on her stool. “A slut? Are you kidding me?”

“I’m just saying… Too many women hop from man to man, and you don’t want to be that girl.”

A slow spread of outrage and daring filled Avis, though her cheeks burned with an emotion too close to shame for her liking. “What’s wrong with dating people when you’re single?”

Her sister rolled her eyes. Instead of answering, she only said, “Take a look at the listings I sent you, Avis. You’ve really got to get your feet under you, you know?”


Queen Avis is an ongoing story by Lola White. It is virtually unedited, and will eventually be published in its entirety. Each week, a new chapter will be posted, however there is no guarantee that previous chapters will still be available. This story is copyrighted (2016-2017), with all rights reserved.

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