Not so bad after all…

So I was absolutely convinced that 2018 would be better than 2017. Convinced. Nothing seemed to go right in 2017 and the New Year was going to turn the page, start fresh, clean slate…

But I didn’t win the Powerball. That really sucks because my furnace went up…and my pipes were frozen and last night I was in a minor accident that makes me want to call out of work every time inclement weather comes to town… Except, I didn’t win the Powerball and those $5 royalty checks from Amazon won’t pay my bills.

But Fate teases me because everything is bad, but not anywhere close to as bad as it could have been. One week later, and the furnace issue would have resulted in a life-or-death struggle for my grandmother, if not me. Temperatures around here hit 1 degree. ONE. Yes. We’re not used to that. Even with the new furnace, we were layered up and still cold (drafty old house) and the hot water pipes froze to the bathroom. But again—not so bad, considering we still had water and between pipes breaking in other people’s houses and the water mains exploding all over town, we were very lucky. And we still had hot water in the kitchen.

That’s how so much seems to be, though. Especially lately. Do you read horoscopes? I’m a Libra…wasn’t I supposed to have some sort of Emerald/Jubilee year where everything went well and my life and career finally took off in an overly blessed way?

I’d hate to see what would have happened if the Heavens weren’t smiling down me.

But, seriously… It’s been hard and I’ve done a lot of complaining about that. It’s also been ‘not as bad as it could have been’ but sometimes that doesn’t feel like enough.

Today, it is enough. Today, the accident I had resulted in a small dent, and there were three cars involved on an extremely icy street. One small dent. That’s pretty good. Also, my house is toasty warm and my hot water is back so I can take a boiling hot shower, the sun is shining outside and the temperature is crawling toward the upper Thirties.

And my optimism rises again. Maybe 2018 will be just fine, after all…

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