Juliette Banks – Out of the Darkness

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She is one of the most beautiful and photographed women in the world.

She lives every young girl’s dream.

But sometimes the dream and the reality don’t match up.

The missing father; the predatory stepfather; the abusive lover; they all let her down.

Then she meets the man of her dreams—but fate was cruel and she was alone again…

…until a powerful and charismatic Dom, who excited her like no other man before, steps into her life.

Is he the man she has sought her whole life? Will he show her the way out of the darkness and into the loving, submissive relationship she has always craved?

NOTE: This book was previously published, under the same title but with a different cover, under the author name of Rachel de Vine.

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“I want to take a shower after the flight, and I’m sure you want one too. Suppose that we meet in twenty minutes in the third bedroom? I want to see you sitting on the end of the bed when I enter the room, and I want you to be wearing just panties and a pair of high-heeled shoes. Please don’t be late, as I hate unpunctuality. I’d hate to have to punish you so soon.” A shiver of expectation travelled down my spine. How easily I had slipped back into a submissive mode, for a man I had known for just a few hours.

I wanted to wash my hair, but I knew I wouldn’t have time to dry it properly, so I tied it up out of the way and jumped into the shower. The hot, power shower was just what I needed to wash away the grime from travelling, and restore a tired mind.

The pleasure from showering almost made me forget about my time limitation. I jumped out and quickly towelled myself dry, put on a clean pair of black panties and slipped my feet into my shoes. My bottom had barely made contact with the bed when William appeared in the doorway. God, the man looked so hot. He’d changed from his rather austere, navy pin-striped suit, and was now wearing a pair of black sweat pants, sitting on his hips, and a plain white t- shirt. His feet were bare and his dark hair was still damp from the shower. He smiled at me, a lazy, laconic smile that made my pussy contract with desire.

“Good, I see you’re punctual.”

He ambled across to me and stopped one foot away. I was very conscious that my face was level with his groin, and I swear I could see his cock twitching beneath his pants. He put out his hand and lifted up my chin and, almost tenderly, stroked my face with the back of his other hand.

“Such a beautiful face,” he murmured.

He bent and kissed me gently on the lips, then told me to stand. My legs were like jelly, but I managed to pull myself up and stand in front of him, just inches away. I trembled slightly and he picked up on it immediately.

“You feel it don’t you,” he asked. “We have a connection. I felt it as soon as I saw you in the airport. It’s more than just the urge to fuck. It’s more than the urge to spank your bottom. It’s the urge to reach right down into the core of your being, to connect at a primal level. Do you understand that?”

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About me:

I write erotic romance as both Juliette Banks and Rachel de Vine, and love to write about sensual, romantic and erotic characters who lead interesting lives, and who often have to overcome challenges along the way. I prefer to write erotic romance, rather than straight erotica, because I am essentially a romantic person, but I also like to involve my characters in an exciting life of Dominance and submission at different levels.

I am British, love the rural life and live in a beautiful home in the middle of the rolling English countryside. I also like to travel around the world from time to time, and have visited some beautiful and exciting places on the way. I am forever grateful that I was born in a place and at a time to take advantage of the freedoms and pleasures that are still denied to many people of the world. We must never take such freedom for granted.

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