Conjurers & Candy Canes

Looks cute, right?

candy canes

Well, it’s not.

Not really. I mean, maybe you’ll think it’s a cute story. It’s quick and lusty, but Conjurers & Candy Canes is part of The Tithe Collector series, which is deceptively bright. Three magical criminals and an ‘ordinary’ guy have been handpicked to join the Special Collections Team, solving crimes of magic. It’s a punishment…

A djinn addicted to human magic, determined to find sobriety but relapsing every time her abusive boyfriend comes back into her orbit

A cowardly vampire who committed adultery against his goddess lover and is doubly punished by a forced handfasting to the man he cheated with-a fearsome hyena shape-shifter who is the only voice of reason in this group

A disgraced fairy who has secrets too deep to reveal here, but is infamous for her ability to kill with a single finger, which has kept her isolated and friendless but for one man who misused her

And a veteran left with a homicidal case of PTSD after he blew up in the Middle East and was saved by the king of gods, for some purpose the other can’t fathom yet

And sex. I was told there was ‘just so much sex’ in this series. Well, I’ve got news for everybody. There is a lot of sex. There will always be a lot of sex, because this mismatched group of strangers doesn’t trust each other, they hardly know each other, and their crimes and lives still need to fit into the conflict. The only time the let their guard down is when the fuck, so every time they fuck, the reader learns something new.

This is a dark series. This isn’t about kidnappers, it’s not about the sex slave trade and nobody’s been tied to a bed…yet. This one is all psychology, wrapped in a fluffy exterior that wears off a bit more in each book. This is the dark side of the truth concerning what it means to be a family, and how far people will go to form a tribe.

And how much farther they’ll go to keep it.

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S&S3a (1)

Their first case finds them in Miami, where a sorcerer is stealing magic to set himself up as a god. The Special Collections Team is in over their heads.

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Changelings & Champions

The SCT is called to Las Vegas, where a pair of changelings ups the ante

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