Books by Lola White

Queen Avis

One woman’s journey toward freedom and fulfillment


The Garguiem

Fighting evil and corruption through faith, duty and love


Magic Matched

Silviu and Georgeanne must learn to open their hearts to each other in order to unlock their full magical potential


The Double O Saga

Love is the only thing the O’Neal family’s ever done right


My Stalker Duology

Two dark erotic tale of lust, lies and dangerous pleasures


The Psychic Trilogy

Freedom can only be found in the dark


Stolen Goods

She just wanted a baby…but he wants it all


Lured From the Path

His greatest fantasy becomes his most dangerous obsession

Missing Him

Are her senses telling her the truth, or is she just missing him?

Beloved Priestess

Her duty, their pleasure


For Their Own Good

Flappers, Jazz and Valentino