Annora Wilson – Incrusted: Hiding the Demon Within

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To save myself, I must kill my own heartbeat….

My bewildered eyes flickered with an orange glow as something inside me craved for another drop of blood. The red liquid’s rusty and salty taste was nothing less than heaven to me…wait..what heaven? there wasn’t any heaven for someone like me…

Yes I was that unique breed, the ‘werepire’ a rare and powerful one that was made from a deadly and impossible combination. My powers could destroy all the night creatures of this world. I was nothing more than a sin to them.

My life was at peace when I was just an innocent college going girl; soon things turned upside down when a handsome vampire saw a side of me that no one could ever fathom. His sexy charms took my breath away. I fell for him hard and fast, without having the slightest idea that he was only designed to kill.

At the other end was another night creature, the successor of the werewolf clan, he too had his eyes on me. His raw, rugged look and caring persona made me feel safe…but how could I be sure that he wasn’t an enemy?

I am desperately trying to seek some answers, whilst my unknown enemies are on the prowl to destroy me, if I want to survive them, I need to know myself first.


Join Ingrid in her exciting game of life and death and see how she plays with her own fateā€¦

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About Annora Wilson

Thank you for stopping by to read about me. My name is Annora, I was a studious girl in my high school, I always loved to read and write stuff. I used to write stories when I was in school. Now, when I look back, they seem quite amusing to me :):). When I got into college, I pursued my passion for writing, I really loved it as a hobby. Then Twilight came out. I absolutely loved the series. I finally found the genre that I loved. Somehow these vampire, werewolves and paranormal genre, in general, intrigued me so much.
I love to see how human relations work, I have always been fascinated with the human psychology. When I write my characters, I get to know them much better. I get to know how they feel, how they perceive. This helps me a lot to understand myself and people around me. So my writing is like an Emotion Lab for me believe me, It has taught me so much!

I hope you like my work, Please feel free to contact me, I am always open to chats and discussions

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