Outrageous Offer


Do you love cowboys?

I’m taking it back in time for my next release, Outrageous Offer, featuring an unlikely hero – a down-on-his luck cowboy with a penchant for taking in strays…

Hyacinth Woodley is a desperate woman. Officially deemed a spinster with no marriage prospects in sight, alone after the death of her parents and out of money, she answers an ad for a mail order bride, only to be rejected by her groom upon her arrival in Creek Bend. She has a choice to make — work in the saloon or accept an outrageous offer of being one man’s unpaid mistress.

Offer O’Neal is the new, less-than-proud owner of the Double O Ranch. After sinking every cent he had into the property, he’s left pinning his dreams of success on stud fees from his horse, the only thing of real value he’s got. He can’t afford a wife, but a willing woman in his bed is an appealing prospect, and Hyacinth’s got nowhere else to go.

Just as Offer starts thinking of Hyacinth as the one bright spot in his otherwise stressful and unlucky life, the bridegroom who rejected her returns demanding repayment for his investment. Ernest Horsham feels he’s spent a lot of money getting the woman to Creek Bend under false pretenses, and the judge is on his side. But it’s only when Hyacinth is arrested as a thief and a fraud that Offer realizes how much he values her company.

This is the first novella in The Double O Saga, which follows the O’Neal family through the generations. From the American frontier just after the Civil War to the modern day, each family member has one thing in common — a dream of making the Double O ranch a success.

The problem is, the O’Neals are constantly down on their luck. Work on the ranch is never done, and money is always in short supply. Stress, they have in spades. This family brings a whole new outlook to ‘living on love’ because love is the only thing they seem to do right.

Get ready to follow the O’Neals through the generations and witness their determination at both overcoming their bad luck, and in finding love.

Outrageous Offer will be released through Totally Bound this May!