Enter the Witching World: Betrothed

In witching society, magic and politics are the only things that matter, and marriages are arranged for advantage rather than love.









Silviu and Georgeanne have been betrothed since Georgie’s birth. Their Families are determined to see the two witches combine their magic into a  force that will rule over all the covens. They are two witches of myth and legend, Magic Matches. Ten years ago, the pair broke all the rules, resulting in a separation that left Silviu hungry for reunion and Georgie distrustful of her betrothed.










Neither Ileana Lovasz nor Eliasz Levy are looking for love. Humiliated by a string of broken betrothals, Ileana only wants freedom from her manipulative grandfather. Ambitious Eliasz simply wants an alliance with Ileana’s brother Silviu, a man rising through the witching ranks. That is, until the Lovasz woman arrives at his home and stirs up emotions he’d never thought to feel. Ileana embarks on a bold plan of seduction to tie Eliasz to her side, and her brother’s politics, but she never imagined the man would seduce her, in turn.

deadly threat

Ileana, Eliasz, Silviu and Georgie must build an alliance that will help them all get what they want but, with too many lies and too many enemies, the game they’re playing turns deadly. When the two women come under attack, neither Silviu nor Eliasz knows which is the target. They only know they will protect the women their hearts have claimed as their own, even though that means defying the traditions of witching society, risking every goal they hold dear and confronting the dangerous members of their own families.

betrothed_800BETROTHED is Book 1 of the Magic Matched series-Silviu and Georgie’s first step toward lasting love and ultimate power in the dangerous world of witches.

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The Amazon Dungeon


This is the cover that landed Lured From the Path in the Amazon Dungeon.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. That girl’s naked! Well, almost, but you know…crack kills, right?

I knew when I chose that cover that lots of places weren’t going to like it, and I accepted it. This is not a post about censorship, or banning/burning books. Adults can read what they want and children should be protected, and hopefully we will all find ways to promote our hidden books so that our audience can find them.

Hmm, back up a minute. Protecting our children…yeah, I’m all for that. But, for sh*ts and giggles, I typed ‘dildos’ into the general search on Amazon. Having never bought a dildo from Amazon (‘cause, I mean, really?), I was amazed to find them, right there where our kids can both see the wide variety available, as well as buy them – whoops! Damn that One Click…

In all fairness to Amazon, anal lube was the first thing that popped up when I searched for dildos, unless you count the suggestion that kicked in after ‘dil’ which was ‘dilddos vibration cheap in all departments’. But that begs the question, how many of you had to explain what anal lube was to your precious angel who has a minor problem with proper spelling?

No, this isn’t about censorship. This is about a hypocritical rule and a seemingly easy way to fix the whole problem. Listen up, Amazon, I’ve got a suggestion to throw into the box.

Amazon ADULT

Log into your Amazon account and they already have your info. And don’t talk to me about privacy, what’s a question about your birthdate when the company already has all your credit information? Amazon can add a little button somewhere that simply says ‘Adult.’ Click it and, lo and behold, there are all your erotic books, sex toys, R-rated-or-more movies, maybe even the really risqué lingerie, etc.


For added measure, Amazon could set the whole thing up so that another password is required before the customer is redirected. Adults with no children can use the same password while adults with children would have the option of adding another layer of protection by choosing an alternate password.

Whoa, power to the people. And, Amazon wouldn’t have to keep doing backflips to keep the smut off the front page while letting 9 inch jelly dongs slide through. Quite frankly, I’d rather explain to my child that the lady on the cover of the book is naked because that’s a book for grown-ups, than explain exactly what a giant dildo is good for. Or anal lube.

So how ‘bout it? Amazon is raking in more money in an hour than I will ever see in my life (most likely) so I can’t imagine that they can’t afford to include an Adult section in their site. Authors would be happy, parents would be happy, Amazon would be happy because happy people would spend more money…

It’s a win-win.


But, in the meantime, if you want to buy Lured From the Path on Amazon, you must follow the link directly. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GYIMUAU

Feel free to share that link far and wide. No, really, please share the link.

Or, do what most people have been doing in the year since Lured From the Path has been published, and buy from Smashwords or Barnes & Noble

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Lured From the Path is based on the legends of the Vila, supernatural women who abduct men in the forests…

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:


He followed her through the trees, listening to the tune of her laughter and song. The deeper they went, the more she sang. David’s thoughts slowed, focused entirely on the sounds of her simple enjoyment, but energy flooded his body, loosening his muscles.

They stopped in another circle of trees. She spun toward him, stepping close. He could feel the heat of her lithe body as she stared up at him. Lazy spirals of desire worked up his spine as he became entranced, lost in her moss green eyes.

“Dance with me.”

Distantly surprised by her request, he barely managed a nod. His arms came around her, his palms soaking up the silken feel of her skin like a sponge as she lifted to her toes and leaned her body against his. So delicate, so warm, she felt perfect against him.

Slowly, she began to hum, swaying her hips to her melody. Her body became fluid against his. She dipped and twisted, rubbing her breasts over his shirt, her flat belly sliding over the cotton. Her hands smoothed over his shoulders, his chest, drifting over his ribs as she moved around him.

His groin grew heavy. David’s world narrowed down to her and her song, moving his body to her rhythm as they danced. She pressed against his back, lifting to her toes as her soft lips drifted over his tingling nape. Her fingers trailed through his hair, tugging the short strands, fingertips stroking heat into the curve of his ears.

She spun until she faced him. Together, they swayed. She lifted her hands, plucking at the fabric of his shirt until it lifted to his ribs. Obeying her silent command, he pulled the shirt off, letting it fall from his fingers to the forest floor.

She leaned forward to trace a swirling design across his chest with her tongue. Fire trailed after her, branding his flesh, sinking into his bones. Lightning swept through him, sparking in the heavy sac between his legs.

Willa pressed closer and parted her thighs to straddle one of his. She rocked against him, shifted side to side and twirled her hips until his pants were wet with her need and his cock ached for freedom. His arms wrapped around her and he drew his fingers over her spine, enjoying her soft skin.

Hours passed as time stood still. David’s heart thumped with heated pulses in perfect measure to her tune. His veins ran with molasses, slowing him and his thoughts, weighing him down. Utterly entranced, he watched Willa dance for him as she slowly commanded his devotion.


Lured From the Path by Lola White

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