Oh…the horror…the horror

My Writing Process (round 2)

Let me start out by thanking Jenna Fox for inviting me to participate in round 2 of the My Writing Process blog tour. I was very excited because this time around we are focusing on horror, another genre both Jenna and I love.


 Jenna’s got a wicked, wonderfully warped mind, and if you like horror, you’ll love the stories she comes up with. Inspired by the classics with her own twist, she’ll keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last word. Go check out her blog at www.jennafoxwrites.blogspot.com or her Amazon author page for a full listing of her books.


And while we’re on the subject of horror and the awesome authors who write it…

Dylan J Morgan

Dylan J. Morgan has just released a new novel, The Dead Lands.  He is also the author of the Flesh, Hosts, The Blood War Trilogy of novellas, and the short story Collection Dominio della Morte. Check him out at http://www.dylanjmorgan.com

eric keys

Eric Keys is another author to enjoy. He writes dark fantasy, horror and erotic horror, so he’s definitely on my TBR list. You can find him on his Amazon Author’s page or his website

I have the privilege, honor and joy of joining these three great horror authors on this blog tour. You can visit their websites to see how their writing process is different from mine.

As for me…

How does my writing process work?

Organized chaos – that’s me. I have no set structure, time of day, music preferences or other rituals. Though morning is best for my creative juices, it’s not always possible to write just then, so I jot down whatever snippets float through my mind in a notebook (yup, pen and paper!) whenever my muse starts screaming at me. I make really detailed notes – and then never use them. But it solidifies the story in my mind while still letting my plot flow organically.

Why do I write what I do?

I write erotic horror. Someone once suggested I write horror without the erotic parts, but I refuse. Sex gets down into the crevices of the human psyche, whether we realize it or not, and roils up all the fears, all the vulnerability, and the hope – real or false. Only by the addition of the erotic parts can I truly portray all the emotions that go into the mix. Sex and death are intricately linked, so close to each other there’s not even breathing room left and they spur each other on. I show the evolution of my characters, whether they are rising above their fears or being sucked down into the dark depths, through sex and their sexual response. The emotions I can explore when I twine erotica and horror together are deeper, more raw, than when I write in any other genre.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Fear, to me, doesn’t stem from evil/hungry/murderous creatures (though I love ‘em!). It’s what those creatures represent. It’s the fact that the qualities those creatures possess are found in every human.

Insanity, greed, loneliness…these are the things of my nightmares, and each of those things can be found in the best of horror novels. These are the things that make normal people paranoid – because we fear them in ourselves. In my stories, I bring this out, the potential in all of us, normal, every-day people, to commit terrible crimes and cause terrible pain, both physical and emotional.

What am I working on?

I’m looking for a home for my just-finished novel Broken Sunflowers. It’s a story about hope and what happens when all hope is irredeemably lost.

I’m also writing a novel inspired by the time I spent in Africa. A missionary couple travels to ‘the darkest continent’ on a humanitarian journey that will teach them the meaning of true darkness. I’m really excited about this story because I can showcase some of the (east) African traditions I witnessed and work in a few real-life occurrences.


I just finished my Psychic Trilogy. Demon’s Bond, Monster’s Chains and Ties of Family.

1KoboDemon’s Bond: Reluctant clairvoyant Meggie only wanted to be normal, but that was before Kyle and Jim asked for her help in banishing a demon. She’s forced to face her darkest fears – the talent she never wanted and the sexuality she’s never acknowledged.




KoboMonster’s Chains: Aiden is looking for his kidnapped sister and agrees to let Rebecca, a psychic who sees crime, help in the investigation. But Rebecca is pushed to the edge of sanity, confusing fact and fiction, when the kidnapper targets her.






Ties of Family to be released in early October 2014


Psychic medium Nina Rodriguez talks to dead people, but she’s okay with that.  After she’d faced down a demon and survived to tell the tale in her youth, Nina had thought she would never be afraid of anything, ever again.

She was wrong.

Michael Marsden is trying to honor his father’s contract with Nina, in spite of his skepticism. He doesn’t believe in the family curse she’s supposed to investigate and has never had any use for ghosts – until he becomes the immediate target of a dangerous haunting.

Michael threatens to destroy Nina’s emotional defenses, and Nina threatens to blow Michael’s disbelieving mind wide open. But to stop the two entities responsible for the insanity and violence filling the family’s history, they must discover the origins of the haunting. Their success hinges on Nina’s ability to trust Michael – a difficult thing to do when he’s under the influence of evil.

Flappers, Jazz and Valentino Anthology


The Dance Partner – Lola White

Aboard the Aquitania – Brent Archer

The Sin in Syncopation – Blacksilk

Life’s A Chocolate Cabaret – V.C.

A Gal’s Gotta Make a Living Somehow… – T.G. Haynes

The Nympho – Angela R. Sargenti

Modern Motoring – Eva Starling

Songbird – Blair Erotica

Limelight and Gin – Sasha Distan

Tooting The Trumpet Boy’s Horn – V.C.

Genuine Chemistry – Annabeth Leong

The Argentine Tango – Tabitha Kitten

Step back in time to a decade full of glamour, glitz and decadent sin with this collection of erotica set in the Roaring Twenties. With twelve stories, in all shades from romantic and sensual to burning hot, this collection is the perfect appetizer for a night out at the speakeasy. Edited by Jillian Boyd.

Buy it now on Amazon!

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My Mythology: Shadow People

Shadow people aren’t exactly a new phenomenon, but sightings are definitely on the upswing lately. Most people who claim to encounter shadow people say they see it out of the corner of their eye – a smoky shape that strongly resembles a whole or partial person. But more and more, witnesses are claiming to see whole apparitions, directly in front of them.

Shadow people range in density, sometimes a dark grey, sometimes a thick black. As I said before, they can outline the entire shape of a person – predominantly males – or just a portion of a man’s frame. Sometimes these shadows are so well defined, people swear they are wearing hats or cloaks or even have red, glowing eyes. They are mostly considered to be male judging by their appearance, and definitely have an agenda. There is only one non-changing fact about all the sightings of shadow people…

They have no face.

They are very different from ordinary ghosts, which tend to be described as white or a misty, pale thing. Shadow people are definitely not ‘residual energy’ as many spectral phenomena can be classified – you know those hauntings, the woman who weeps in the castle tower every new moon, or the white cloud that passes through the same door at 3am sharp. Those are considered to be energy stuck on repeat, a leftover impression of something that happened in the past.

So what are shadow people? So many theories, so little time… Here are a just a few.


While not a common theory, some believe shadow people are angels, sent to watch over us. These are the few that have experienced feelings of joy, peace or safety in the presence of this phenomenon. They are in the minority, as far as theories go.


A vastly more popular school of thought, shadow people as demons would certainly explain the glowing red eyes. As most people describe a terrible feeling of dread or fear when they witness this phenomenon, demons would fit the bill very well.

Interdimensional Beings

This theory is rapidly gaining believers. Those who follow this line of thought believe the shadows are caused by a thinning of the veil between parallel dimensions allowing people on this side (and therefore the other, as well) to catch a glimpse of life in a dimension not our own. That would mean somewhere in another dimension, their people are having the same discussion about shadow people every time they look over and see one of us through the divide.


I went in a different direction for my novel Ties of Family, the last in the Psychic Trilogy. In this book, Nina Rodriguez (I know many of you have been waiting for her story!) has agreed to conduct a paranormal investigation of the extremely haunted Marsden family estate. Among the other ghosts and ghoulies, she encounters a shadow person predominantly responsible for all the centuries of incest, murder and insanity plaguing the Marsden bloodline.

I made my shadow person a creature of ancient evil. Older than demons, older than the gods that locked it up in the earth, it is completely alien to humanity. There is no mercy, there is no loyalty and there is no love. It knows only survival, greed and hunger.

In true shadow people style, I made my being male in shape, dark grey and nearly fully formed. No red eyes or hats, but inspiring a sickening sensation every time it is close – paranoia, dread, fear – and it shows Nina all the sins it has committed on the family property since it was released from its imprisonment. It can project a different image of itself into Nina’s mind in its attempts to induce fear. But those of you who’ve read the other books in the trilogy know Nina fears nothing…except Michael Marsden, but that’s a topic for a different blog.

I, like everyone else, have no idea what a shadow person truly is. But I’ve seen one. Fully formed, darker than night, and I was terrified. But that terror came from within me, not from the specter. You’ll have to make up your own mind about what they are, and those of you who have witnessed shadow people already have an idea – and know whether or not you’d like to see another.

Ties of Family will be released near Halloween 2014, the perfect time to settle in with a scary story. Then, you can read all about my take on this phenomenon for yourself.