Why the Twenties Roared

We’ve all heard it called the Roaring Twenties, but if you’re like me, you thought the era gained its name because the dances were wild and exuberant, the music heartfelt and World War I was over and done with. But the Twenties really roared because people were pushing the limits of the society their parents had maintained.

College enrollment skyrocketed. A place away from parents, a chance to find yourself and experiment. Anyone who has ever been to college can immediately relate, and probably has some wild stories to share. Turns out, so did some of our grandparents. They were wilder than we give them credit for.

We all know skirts got shorter and hair got hacked off. But women began rolling their stockings down to below their knees, which I have trouble envisioning because I’m pretty sure it looked ridiculous. But it was a symbol of the changing times, of freedom, female empowerment and sexual revolution. Women had gained the right to vote and there were a whole lot of optimistic ladies that knew they wouldn’t stop with that huge victory – oh, no they pushed on, taking control not just of their thoughts and opinions, but of their bodies, too.

Previous generations had some very reserved thoughts on sex. Not always – don’t misunderstand, it seems every other generation in history was promiscuous, followed by a generation of staid, missionary-in-the-dark-after-marriage conservatives. But the Twenties was a break from the sexually repressive Victorian times, where even the chairs couldn’t show their legs. I can only imagine Mama’s horror when her little girl stripped off the five extra petticoats and jacked her skirt to her knees. Let alone what Papa thought.

Then she had the audacity to wear makeup. She ran around with boys, dancing the night away and slipping into speakeasies where she drank illegal booze and let the era of jazz sweep her off her feet. I kind of get it – even though jazz isn’t my favorite genre, the smoky sounds of the singing greats, the haunting melodies that seem to convey sex in every note, and the invitation to dance real close and slow certainly hold appeal. More than the ragtime era that came before, right? I mean, as fun as it can be to hear, ragtime’s not all that sexy (but if that’s your thing, rock on, you know?).

Jazz lends itself to a sexual revolution, and the booze didn’t hurt.

And to top it all off – it was all illegal. Taboo. It’s always more fun to do the things we shouldn’t, the excitement of potentially being caught, the flirtation with danger. Speaking for myself, it was more fun to get drunk with my friends when I was 18 than after I turned 21.

Not every woman was a flapper – in fact, very few were. But it was an age where women got jobs outside the home, an education, and a taste of self-empowerment. And yes, this is the bright side. Elsewhere in America, racism, crime and corruption were rampant. (Quite frankly, it’s my opinion that just when the country needed a good stiff drink, Prohibition was introduced.) It was a bleak time for many, and a dawning age of shiny, future possibilities for others. But all those things became part of the fabric of America, a piece of the puzzle that we are still putting together, teaching us so many things – how to be free, how to love, how to be daring. The era taught us how to roar.

Flappers, Jazz and Valentino


Here is it, a list of all the stories and their authors of the Flappers, Jazz and Valentino anthology released by House of Erotica and edited by Jillian Boyd. Look at this great group of authors…

The Dance Partner – Lola White

Aboard the Aquitania – Brent Archer

The Sin in Syncopation – Blacksilk

Life’s A Chocolate Cabaret – V.C.

A Gal’s Gotta Make a Living Somehow… – T.G. Haynes

The Nympho – Angela R. Sargenti

Modern Motoring – Eva Starling

Songbird – Blair Erotica

Limelight and Gin – Sasha Distan

Tooting The Trumpet Boy’s Horn – V.C.

Genuine Chemistry – Annabeth Leong

The Argentine Tango – Tabitha Kitten



I can’t wait to read everyone else’s stories, how about you? Release date is August 8, 2014!

My Writing Process Blog Tour – Lola White

Did everybody see Jenna Fox’s post on her site www.jennafoxwrites.blogspot.com  ? She’s an awesome author and an awesome friend, and currently building a website that’s gaining a lot of attention. So make sure you get over there and see what she’s writing about.

Jenna is the person who invited me to this blog tour, and I’ll take a moment to thank her for the invitation. I met her on a site called Ladies Who Critique. She graciously agreed to become my critique partner and helps me make my stories stronger and more polished. She writes erotic suspense and horror, so we obviously have lots in common. Go check out her author page on Amazon for a full listing of her books. You’ll be glad you did!






Now, as for me

I’m Lola White and I love reading and writing erotica. When people ask me why I write what I write, that’s my answer. For one, the genre is sexy. For two, people have sex for many reasons – not just to have babies but because we love, we’re scared, we’re sad, we’re celebrating. People need contact and sex is another form of communication through touch.

I love exploring emotion through sex in my stories. Including steamy, sexy scenes allows me to take an emotion to the next level, through the natural progression we humans have no choice but to embrace in reality. I bring it to the pages, the highs and lows, the sappy stuff and the stuff with a harder edge.

Most erotica authors do this, of course, so you may be wondering how my stories are different, or maybe how my writing style is unique. Why should you read my stories when there is an ocean of amazing tales out there?

When I write fantasy or horror, I love delving into old legends, even obscure legends. I’ve traveled extensively and make it a point to never turn down listening to a story. I’ve heard amazing tales of various creatures, some common and some not. I’ve heard variations on the same theme and new ideas that were completely different from the norm. I love exploring these things in my stories, but I also love exploring the themes of the originals – created back in the days where every tale had a lesson. I like to take all of this and twist it on its ear, maybe you’ll get a happy ending and maybe you won’t. You have to read it to find out.

When I write erotic romance, you’re guaranteed a happy ending. I love happy endings. The real world doesn’t always provide us with a gorgeous sunset and an even more gorgeous man to ride off into it with. In these stories, I focus on the emotions between my characters – they have trust issues, maybe they’re lonely, are trying to heal from a past betrayal or heartbreak. Sometimes the romance hits them fast and hard and that makes them suspicious of each other. Sometimes it’s a slow build and the reader can journey with the heroes as they learn to open up and take a chance on love.

Whichever genre I’m writing in, I can tell you it will be steamy and full of emotion. I’ll bring you to a different world and immerse you in the journey my heroes take.

So, what am I working on now? I’ve almost always got two novels in the works, one fantasy or horror and the other romance. I never know which mood I’ll be in on any given day, but I’ve got something to write no matter what.

Currently, I’m writing the third book of my Magic in the Blood series. This is a fairly complex tale of witches living under archaic rules in a modern society. Over the course of four books, my heroes, Georgeanne and Silviu, must overcome political intrigue and magical attacks, all while helping their closest allies and friends reach positions of power where they will help my duo rise through the witching ranks. The first book has been edited and the second is about to undergo the process, so the series will hopefully makes its debut soon. Each of the four books also features one other couple struggling to find love or make their relationship work against all the odds the witching world can stack against them. This series is darker in tone than my djinn series, The Tithe Collector, which will begin coming out in 2015.

And the romance, you ask? I’ve recently written a short story for House of Erotica set in the roaring twenties. I was greatly inspired by my research – it was a wild time, a dangerous time, and society was split between class and race and ethnicity. But there were sultry blues singers on stage and glasses of moonshine poured in secret speakeasies. It was an era of drama, perfect for a series of novellas to be set in the Sirens’ Song and Dance Hall. The downstairs dancing hides the gin joint hidden upstairs, and the feisty women who work there have to deal with dangerous bootleggers, stubborn artists, and womanizing musicians – and that’s on top of the police raids and a hardnosed detective desperate to make his mark on the city.

With two different stories being written and several more being edited or plotted out, you may wonder how I can keep it all straight. My writing process is fairly simple – I write it all down longhand first. I have notebooks full of plots and scenes. I have reams of character descriptions and background stories. Most of these things will never make it to the final revision, but I come to know my characters and my worlds as if they’re my best friends and my childhood neighborhood. Inside and out. I’m detailed when it comes to all the pre-writing stuff, but once I sit down to type, I just let go of the reins and let creativity take me where it will. Since I already know my characters so well, it’s fairly easy for me to let them write the stories themselves.

Lots of people need to write in a specific place, or they listen to music or they write at a specific time. For me, none of that makes a difference, although I feel I write better early in the morning after my coffee kicks in and before the midday lag rolls around. Otherwise, I write when the inspiration strikes me. I don’t always write every day, but when the story starts to hit, I can easily write four or more chapters in a morning. I’ll absent myself from society and neglect my chores, friends and family. I’m a bit compulsive when I’m in the zone – in fact, I wrote the rough draft of Monster’s Chains in three days because the story simply unfolded before me, and I just had to make my fingers keep up on the keyboard!

If you are interested in seeing how Monster’s Chains turned out, you can find a full listing of my books on my author pages on Goodreads, Amazon and Smashwords, follow my blog here at www.lola-white.com or follow my tumblog about random sexy and ‘writerly’ things at www.authorlolawhite.tumblr.com I would suggest starting with the first in the trilogy, Demon’s Bond, but each of the three is stand-alone (and Ties of Family will be out in fall 2014).

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The Dance Partner


Welcome to Siren’s Song and Dance Hall, a popular spot in the wild time just after the end of the war. Here is a place for lovers to flirt and couples to dance the night away. And if you want a little gin in your tonic, head to the speakeasy hidden upstairs, safe from the police who insist on raiding the joint, looking for the hooch they’ll never find…

Kitty is modern woman, working her shift at Siren’s and flirting with Floyd, a driver for a local bootlegging operation. She’s tired of the death and sadness they’ve been steeped in since the war and only wants to have fun and dance, now that it’s over. But when the police raid Siren’s, it’s up to Kitty to get Floyd out of a dicey spot, or provide a hell of a good reason for him to be at the dance hall.


The Dance Partner is just one of many fabulous erotic stories of the Flappers, Jazz and Valentino anthology set in the Roaring Twenties. Prohibition and speakeasies, gin and jazz, gangsters and the women who love them… a time when all the boundaries were pushed.


The Dance Partner

She became loose and fluid, dissolving more with every step. In turn, Floyd grew harder. His arms locked her to him in a steely embrace, his shoulders tensed, his thickening cock pressed into her belly. Kitty shimmied against him in time to the melody sweeping them through the turns – the covertly sharp elements of the tune hinting at seduction and sex.

Fire kindled deep inside her. An aching pulse gripped her lower belly, traveling up her spine until her eyelids felt too heavy to hold up. Floyd’s hand at her back shifted, his touch changing with a sensual subtlety that left her gasping.

Then she gasped for a different reason as the main doors flew open, crashing with a bang against the walls to either side.

Nobody move!”

Police poured in like foraging ants, crawling over every inch of the dance hall in a coordinated, quick assault. The music crashed to a halt, dancers paused in mid-step. Kitty stiffened against Floyd even as he hauled her closer, holding her tight. Protective. Confusion set in as the police swarmed toward the long bar, yanking at bottles and inspecting glasses.

“They’re looking for hooch,” Floyd growled.


Published by House of Erotica and edited by Jillian Boyd. Available on Amazon