My Mythology: Psychometry/Psychoscopy

Psychometry (from Greek, meaning spirit measure) is also known as psychoscopy or token object reading. Generally, it’s a form of clairvoyance where the psychic has the ability to touch an object and read the residual energy, or the history of that object. The word was coined by Joseph Buchanan in the 1800s who thought the practice would revolutionize science.

Needless to say, the practice is extremely controversial. (And didn’t, in fact, change the way scientists went about their business.)

In Monster’s Chains, Rebecca Sterling has this ability, but it’s a little different from what’s typically accepted for the talent. I gave my character the ability to see crimes from the perpetrator’s point of view, whereas most real-life people who claim to have this ability will see through the eyes of the object’s owner, or as a distant, third-party observer. My research into this phenomenon turned up quite a lot of information on psychics and how they work with the police on various cases.

Mostly, the police don’t believe them. There are countless examples of psychics who’ve helped solve crimes, but there are just as many examples of inaccuracies. Statistically, it’s about 50-50 whether a psychic is useful or a hindrance.

There have been a lot of famous psychics who’ve really developed a following. When they are wrong, the believers point out that nobody is right 100% of the time. When they are right, the skeptics point out that they are really good profilers who read body language and other small clues people give unconsciously.

I tried to weave this into my story. Not actual historical cases of course, but the prevailing sentiment. Though the detective she works with believes in her, the police are generally skeptical of Rebecca, as is Aiden until she offers him irrefutable proof. In fact, Rebecca hasn’t always been convinced she had the ability – she never had a way to get proof of her accuracy until she started working with Detective Frank James. Aiden considers her a ‘phony’ only able to read his body language like any good profiler could, until she witnesses a scene from his childhood that he never shared with anyone else. Suddenly he’s a believer – and he’s desperate to believe as he needs Rebecca to help him find his missing sister.

If you want to look into the practice further, Wikipedia is a good place to start. In addition, check out the real life stories of these psychics: Florence Sternfels, Greta Alexander, Nancy Myers Czetli, Nella Jones, Gerard Croiset, Georgia Rudolph, Annette Martin, Peter Hurkos and Dorothy Allison

I didn’t write this book, or this post, to support or deny psychometry/psychoscopy. You can make up your own mind. But if you want to read a sexy, scary (fictional!) story about a woman with the ability and a man who’s trying to protect her from someone who wants to manipulate that ability, Monster’s Chain will be available June 1st on Amazon and Smashwords, and soon enough after that at Barnes & Noble, Apple Ibooks and Kobo.


Review for Demon’s Bond

Reviews are always a little scary. You’ve poured a piece of yourself into a book, polished it until it shines, found the courage to publish it…and now you’ve got to get feedback. That takes even more courage. Reading is subjective, someone may not like your novel. So far, I’ve had two review sites give feedback on Demon’s Bond, my debut novel and a book I bled for.

I am ecstatic at the response.

Sexyways of Reading gave me 4.5 stars out of 5. The fabulous Heather P. said:

This was an awesome read, and I mean awesome! Lola gives you a great plot that flows really well. She grabs your attention
from the start and never lets it go. The ending of the book leaves me thinking about it for awhile because I loved how it ended. Talk about steamy, and I’m not talking need a drink of water steamy, I’m talking cold shower with the A/C cranked up steamy.

You can read the full review here

Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog gave me 4 kisses out of 5. The wonderful Linda said:

Demon’s Bond is a great read filled with horror, suspense, sexy scenes, and a threesome all wrapped up in a quick read.

You can read the full review here

3 Chicks After Dark gave me ‘Bad-Ass Boots’ (4 out of 5). The amazing Pam said:

One thing I have to say about Ms. White is that she is phenomenal at world building. She is incredibly descriptive and can paint a very vivid picture. Add to that an intriguing storyline. Every time I thought I knew where the story was going she surprised me…

You can read the full review here

I’m over the moon! I appreciate every review, when someone takes the time to give feedback it should be valued, but to have two great reviews on my debut novel is just fantastic!