Promote Your Erotica

As an author, I’m always looking for ways to promote my books. As a reader, I rely on sites that list books to give me an idea of what’s out there and help me find stories I will love.

For erotic fiction, both are pretty damn frustrating.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read ‘all genres except erotica.’ How does the blurb of an erotic novel sully the pages of a blog? (And most of us have pretty tasteful covers – sellers set standards, after all.) Reviewers I can understand – it’s not their cup of tea. But just to post? Just to let people know the book exists?

Again, there are several sites out there where erotica authors can share their work. The ones I’m most familiar with are Korner Kafe Exposed, What to Read After Fifty Shades, and Erotica Book Club. There are probably several more I’ve never heard of, but these three have been very helpful for me – both as an author and a reader. I highly recommend you check them out. Unfortunately, they’re facing some issues with their Facebook pages. Posts aren’t being seeing by the majority of those who have liked the page, and story postings are piling up because of the high demand for their services.

I love promoting authors and their stories and especially the erotica genre.

So I decided to pitch in with the effort. I’ve created a place where authors can tell us about their work and readers can tell us about their favorites. This list is only erotica and all erotica – any subgenre, whatever the warning label and no matter the cover. Because I have it on Tumblr where the rules are a little more fluid.

So come check out the list and post something. It is brand-spanking new, so there are only a few books on it just yet, but if we can all spread the word, we can change that. So spread the word!

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