My Mythology: The Vila Legend

My novelette Lured From the Path features a mythical creature called Vila. I thought I’d give a little background on this creature.

I scoured the internet for information on the women of the forests. I found many places, including a couple of Eastern European chat rooms where people told and retold many different versions of the Vila myth. I take little pieces from everywhere, never big chunks, and write it all down. Then I go through the list and pick what strikes me and weave it into my own imagination. (Smorgasbord storytelling.) This is why most of my stories will have a sentence in the very front explaining that literary license has been taken, resulting in an amalgamation of whatever myth or legend I’m writing about.

If I did my job right, the reader will never know what came from research and what just popped out of my head.

So the Vila stories are told throughout Eastern Europe and each country seems to have its own take on it. These are the most popular:

1. They are nymphs who lure men from the forest paths. The stories that focus on the nymph aspect is very typical of what you’d find in Celtic fairy tales. They can hurt you or they can help you. They could play practical jokes, cause mischief or simply satisfy their own curiosity. Sometimes they are associated with fairy mounds, or forest clearings, especially where lightning has struck. These stories claim the women have control over wind.

2. They are female spirits who have been too frivolous in life to move on after death. Their voices are beautiful, like a siren in the woods, and this is how they lure men from the paths. They make the men dance with them and can help them, but will kill the man if he defiles them or breaks a promise. They also have clearings where they’ve danced, and to step on one is to bring bad luck. These spirits also have power over the wind, cause the ground to shake and have prophetic gifts.

3. They are spirits of women who were engaged, but died before their wedding could take place. This is the saddest version I found. Some stories say they make the men dance until they die of exhaustion.

Those are the main three, the most popular versions- or at least the most told. There are countless other stories, though, everything from mean witches to gentle protectors of nature. Some say the Vila can be kept if you take a piece of hair, or killed if you burn a piece of their skin. Some say men should leave offerings for the Vila, in the form of cakes, fruit, flowers and ribbons, at sacred sites.

There have been countless stories, ballets, and plays written about the Vila. When I stumbled across the mythology, I was captivated. I grew up on Celtic fairy tales, so I was actually a bit surprised to find something so similar in the Eastern European culture, although I shouldn’t have been. Celts were in Eastern Europe too, after all.

I thought the very idea, and especially the three versions mentioned above, were beautiful. They are sad, they are strong, they are tragic and playful and lovely. They dance and sing, they shape-shift into swans, wolves and snakes. They are all about female empowerment, and yet are still romantics at heart.

And that, is the mythology of the Vila. If you want to know more, do an internet search and you will find many places where the stories are told and debated.



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Demon’s Bond

The Demon’s Bond was the very first erotic story I ever tried to write. I never had plans to write erotica, but it’s a genre I enjoy. This story wormed its way into my head and became one of those things that followed me around, poking me and haunting me until I started to type.

I learned how hard it was to write erotica. You wouldn’t think so, but there you have it. You’ve got to choose your vocabulary carefully so it’s not odd or gross or even impossible. I can’t tell you how many times I stopped and stared at a wall wondering…

Do legs bend that way? Do people fit together that way?

And then all the times I stopped to think…um, how, exactly does pleasure feel? I was telling a friend of mine that just a few weeks ago and she smiled and said, “It feels awesome.”

Well, yes it does…but I had to describe what awesome feels like.

It took me a year. When I was done, I didn’t like the story, it just didn’t fit with what I’d had in my head all that time. So I it tore apart and put it back together. Then I set out to find some beta readers and found a few amazing critique partners that helped me smooth out the really rough edges. Now I’m going back over it again, getting it ready to release it in January 2014. Polishing it up until it shines.

This is the story:

Meggie is clairvoyant, but she’s spent her life denying the talent because her family and friends never understood. She scared them and she embarrassed herself, so she’s imposed severe control over the visions until the only thing left is the ability to see auras. Then one day a vision takes her by surprise and she gives a stranger a warning.

Jim didn’t listen to the warning. It was the furthest thing from his mind when, later that day, a gorgeous stranger was giving him the best blowjob of his life, binding him to a sex demon in the process. A month goes by before Jim finds Meggie and reminds her of her vision. He begs for her help, and, in the process, taints her with the energy of the demon he’s hosting.

The demon’s influence has spread to his best friend, Kyle. But the guys don’t even think twice about the strangeness of what’s happening to them until their new houseguest is nearly strangled in his bed when he refuses to play with the creature.

Then the demon’s influence grabs hold of Meggie, and the situation goes downhill. She’s fighting for her survival, the demon is fighting for its survival. Meggie, Jim and Kyle find out they can share energy, what the demon feeds off of, by sharing their bodies. They use sex to fight the sex demon, and hatch a plot to reverse the flow and drain the demon before it can drain them. But the stakes are pretty high. If they fail, they’ll lose their souls to their creature and will be bound to it for the rest of their lives.

It’s the first of a loosely connected trilogy about Meggie and two other women she’s met with psychic powers. I hope you enjoy them all. Look for Demon’s Bond in January.

I’m on Pinterest

I hate social media. I really do, and that’s probably not good for my goals as an author. My whole family puts pressure on me to join things, Facebook, Twitter, my brother has been talking to me about Vine.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against social media. I just hate it.

I can’t do it. I can’t get out there and bombard the world with my life. On the other hand, it would be fun to get bombarded with others’ lives. I love hearing about other people, but I have a hard time putting my business out there. Maybe one day I will, but for now I wanted another option.

My critique partner mentioned Pinterest. I looked into it and…lo and behold, I found something I like and think I can do. To ease me into things, at the least. It’s basically online scrapbooking. I’ve got that. I’m all over that.

I just started that.

I was able to be Lola White, no dashes or middle initials, or anything. Just me. I pinned my book cover, an inspirational quote about not giving into fear (an author’s worst enemy) and then looked for pictures for places I’ve traveled. I got Montreal and Victoria Falls. That’s all for now because I was close to the end of my day and I want to get off my computer. Maybe tomorrow I’ll look for more places I’ve been.

So, if you’re on Pinterest, keep your eyes open for my boards. I’m trying to make them reflect me, which is the point, right? Being disadvantaged when it comes to social media, which is a nice way to say I don’t know what I’m doing yet, I’m not sure how the whole thing works. For example, can people send me pictures to pin? I know they said something about how others can pin to your boards but I don’t know if I said yes to that or not. Or if I was even given the option.

Jeez, I have a lot to learn. My grandmother does better with this stuff than me, so I’m the butt of the family jokes. I’ll figure it all out, but in the meantime, if it’s possible to send pictures, I’d love to post some of Succubi or demons. That would fit nicely with my novel The Demon’s Bond, due out in January, if everything comes together the way I expect it to. (Now, don’t let me confuse you. There are no Succubi in the story, the heroine only thinks so for a little bit of time. In truth, it’s something much worse. But I’ll post more on that later.)

Come and visit me on Pinterest. I’d love to see your pins, too.