Two to Tango

He pulled her close. His arm was a hot brand at her back, his breath wafted against her cheek. She pushed even closer, throwing her head back as passion suffused her. Heat worked down her body and loosened her spine. She became pliant in his arms, following him fluidly.

Her body molded to his until her hips had no choice but to follow where he led. Her breasts rubbed his chest and the friction sent a pulse of delight racing toward her belly. Excitement swept her along as he guided her, showing her the way, helping her keep her balance.

Her nose filled with his scent, her legs tensed and eased, her hands clutched at him. She spun on her toes and danced away. He let her go where her body would. She twirled, only to be caught by the tether of his grip. His fingers caught hers, drew her back.

A sensual game.

She lifted her thigh slowly, dragging it up his until her knee anchored to his hip. He held her safe, angling his groin to tease her mound, his hips rocking in time to the beat of her heart. She pulled back and twisted in his arms. They locked around her before she could take a step, the strength of his biceps caging her.

The most wonderful prison on earth.

Her back to his chest, he moved with long strides, forcing her to glide with him. He stopped and stepped back, taking her with him. The athleticism of his body had her arching, pressing back to feel it along her entire length. His lips dragged her nape and her nerves stretched in eagerness.

He whipped her around and held her to his chest. His heart thumped against hers, his breath turned ragged. She tipped her face up, bringing their lips dangerously close. His eyes sparked with need.

It was always like this with him. Pure sensation, pure fun, pure lust. Her muscles screamed for her to give in but she wouldn’t. Not yet.

She steeled herself against the firmness of his thighs as they moved against her. As she lifted to her toes, she slid against the heated hardness digging into her belly. Her sensual assault; she was determined to do everything in her power to tease him and send his need higher.

He stepped forward, his leg pushing between hers. His heat sunk into her chest and licked over her nipples, pebbled hard with her desire. Coyly, she eased back, but he followed, stalking her step by step.

The room spun around as her sight blurred. Music filled her ears, her soul. She was lost in the moment, the heat and the energy flowing through her muscles, boiling in her veins. She flexed and danced, whirling faster, pulling from him only to return to his arms. All that was left to hold onto in the confusion was him.

He always caught her. No matter how fast she spun, no matter how far she danced away, he always came for her, found her, pulled her back. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

His hand slid down her spine, the heat of his palm burning in the small of her back. His arm flexed and she tipped back, her spine obeying his command easily. Her hair brushed the floor as she presented him with the lean line of her torso.

He hauled her back up and molded her to his chest. Her breasts heaved, anticipation stole her voice. She stared up into his face and knew she’d never seen another as beautiful as him.

As always, he read the expression in her eyes. His lips curved a moment before they found hers and conquered. She opened for him, let him sweep inside to claim what was his. She luxuriated in the caress as much as she reveled in the game.

He pulled from her mouth, his breath drifting over her moist lips. Music swelled and died, reality infiltrated their senses. Around them, applause broke out, catcalls swelled amongst the audience.

Their tango was at an end.

She looked up at her husband and knew her need of him shone as brightly in her eyes as it did in his. “Let’s go home.”

He took her hand and spun her dramatically. They took their bow.



I am thankful for a lot of things this year. I am thankful for my family and my friends. I am thankful for the thousand stories swimming in my head and the ability to lasso the chaos into stories that the people I force to read them seem to enjoy. I am thankful for my critique partners, who I’ve already mentioned are awesome. Especially because they don’t actually write erotic dark fantasy, and neither one gravitates toward romance the way I do. (Love ‘em, I really do. When I was thirteen, my mom handed me my first romance novel and told me it was a good story. I’ve been hooked ever since…yes, I also love my CPs.)

I’m also thankful for the numerous blogs about formatting on Smashwords that made everything so much easier on me. Although I will admit to having a few blank pages in my story Lured From the Path that came from nowhere. I thought I had that thing perfect, and it turns out I didn’t. I hope the readers out there will be tolerant on that issue.

I’ll do better next time. I would swear it, but it seems pretty dependent on the Meatgrinder’s mood.

And I’m thankful for the people who have downloaded my book. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you’ll like my novel The Demon’s Bond that will be out early 2014.

As of right now, Lured From the Path is available on Smashwords and in a day or two, Amazon. On Smashwords, I had to register as lola j white (no spaces) because someone already had my name. Huh. That makes at least 3 of us in the US. I will distinguish myself with my middle initial J. Go and find me.

Cover Art


My cover art is in and finalized. It’s beautiful, in my opinion and in the opinion of the tolerant friends and family I forced to comment on it. It only barely hints at erotica, I know, but it captures the essence of my story perfectly, and I couldn’t be happier.


My critique partner has books of her own out in the world and I had asked her where she got the covers, because her covers are always beautiful and eye catching. She sent me to this address

where I found a cover very close to what I wanted, or at least it helped me solidify in my own head what I wanted. Honestly, I never have a vision for a book cover. What would I know about it? I’m such a bad artist I can’t even draw a wobbly line, let alone come up with a whole concept that acts as a representative for what my story is. It’s enough that I came up with the story, isn’t it?


Well, that’s where Carey came in. I wrote her an email about the cover art that caught my attention and she emailed me back, telling me she could create one for me. Even better, I got to choose my budget, her prices start at $50 dollars which I thought was very reasonable. You want more, you pay more. I filled out her order form in as much detail as possible and within a day or two she’d sent me a variety of images to choose from.


When I first saw this image, I didn’t know if I wanted it or not. Because of the hair. My character has long hair, which fits with the legends of the Vila. But the more I looked at it, the more I realized that everything else was perfect. Carey knew my vision better than I did. I chose two of the images as my top picks and Carey did a mock cover of both so I could compare.


Both were beautiful, but one looked like a vampire novel. That wasn’t quite the look I was going for, but when I saw this, I made my decision just about instantaneously. So, thank you Carey. For anyone else looking for cover art for their ebook, I highly recommend her. You can visit her site at for premade covers, her custom covert site at or you can email her at


And keep your eye out for Lured From the Path, out by the end of 2013.


Sex Sells

Sex sells. That’s a simple fact of life. Sex does sell, has always sold and will continue to sell.

So why did a friend of mine tell me I should rethink the idea of writing erotica?

Erotica sales are down. But that’s okay. I figure it’s all part of the normal market scheme. The majority of people who read do so widely, meaning few readers only read erotica, few readers only read horror or mysteries, or whatever. Only a few…because otherwise readers run out of reading material. I myself read everything that even remotely sparks my attention…fiction, non-fiction, I once read encyclopedic volumes on the British royal succession going all the way back before William the Conqueror crossed the Channel. Just ‘cause I found it interesting.

What I think happened, and this is all supposition with no corroborating evidence, just my opinion, is that erotica sales are down…to their normal level.

So there’s a break-out book. (Pretty sure you know which one I mean) And that garners a lot of attention from all along the spectrum. Mystery readers read it, history buffs read it, people who’ve never in their lives figured they’d ever pick up a ‘dirty’ book read it, too.

So there was a spike in sales all across the board because people got curious. And that spike was awesome for erotica for a good two or three years, but it’s fading. That curiosity has been appeased, or people didn’t find quite what they were looking for, or hey…maybe a ton of good mysteries or thrillers or cookbooks have hit the shelves and that’s what those readers hold dear to their heart, so that’s where their money goes.

I’m, okay with that. Because I don’t just buy erotica, and I don’t expect anyone else to. Plus, everything cycles back around eventually.

My friend told me I should try to write horror without the erotica thrown in. I refuse. I’m appreciative of the fact that she gave me a heads up on market trends, but I’ve got to stay true to my vision and my style and what makes my heart happy.

I like erotica. I like to read it, to write it, to put it in my books. My books are only labeled erotica because they’re so graphic. But they all have themes, other genres they could fit into. The sex isn’t the basis of my story, it’s a plot device that moves the story along. I make damned sure that every sexual situation has a purpose, either directly pushing at the plot or emotionally driving my characters. It’s never just thrown in there. (Unless it’s a short story. Hard to get a good plot into so few words.)

Sex is a part of life. It motivates people, it connects people, it helps them communicate or calm down or feel less lonely, less scared. People use sex for many reasons, not just to have babies. It’s the ultimate form of communication between people, forcing vulnerabilities out into the open, bringing people closer.

Don’t believe me? Sit back in a crowded place sometime and notice how many people touch another and how often they do it. People are pack animals, social creatures, I’ve even heard that babies can die without physical touch. Sex is a part of that, a natural extension of the platonic needs human society has for comfort and connection. It’s not just science and pheromones and caveman genetics telling us he or she is a good match to make healthy babies. If that was all there was to it, I can think of a lot of traits that would have died out of the human genome millennia ago.

So why wouldn’t I use sex in my books when, should the situation actually happen in real life, people would react that way? Some of my books have a lot of sex, some have just a little. Sometimes the sex comes fast, like in Ties of Family, where I needed my heroine vulnerable to my hero in a way she’s never been with anyone else. Sex can do that, rip down the veils and the posturing and get right to the heart of the matter.

So I’m not worried that readers will stay away from the genre forever. Erotica fans will always buy erotica, both for the reasons I’ve listed above, and because it’s a fantasy, a little entertainment for the fantasy center in our brains. Sex is fundamental to human nature, and you can find it in various ‘heat’ levels in a wide variety of books.

Mostly, though, readers just want to read a good book. If I write a good book people will read it regardless of whether there’s a lot of sex or too little sex. I’m not writing to chase the trends. I write the stories that fill my head, the stories that haunt my every waking moment until I have no choice but to sit down and type them out. I write the stories I want to read, and apparently I want to read a lot of erotica.

So do lots of other people. No matter what the market trends say.


Took A While

Well, it’s obvious I’m not really a blogger. When I set this website up I had grand ambitions of posting something every week and a short story every month.

Huh. That didn’t work out, did it?

So I’m gonna get motivated. Prepare yourselves.

In my defense, I’ve been writing. I’ve written all three of the trilogy that sent me down this road in the first place. The first book took forever, it was a story that haunted me, literally followed me everywhere I went, poking me in the brain until I gave up and wrote it. And yet, I’d never written erotica before. But there it was.

It was a little harder than I thought it would be. (Okay, a lot harder.) There is a fine line between sounding sexy and sounding corny, it all comes down to words and how you use emotions. It took a long time to write the dang thing, titled DEMON’S BOND, and then I had to write a synopsis, which wasn’t fun. Somewhere, I even found the courage to send the synopsis in to a site that would post it and let its readers review it. The verdict? It didn’t sound sexy enough.

Really? Um, okay but synopses are supposed to be informative and not as racy as the book, right? But whatever, I got some great feedback and learned a lot from the experience and then went on to find two beta readers who are amazing and doing well with their own books.

It was a learning experience in general. Basically, I wrote the book then read the book and decided I didn’t like it. So I tore it apart, kept the stuff I did like, added new stuff and then set about editing it. After that the beta readers read it over, told me how I could do it better, and lifted my confidence.

Because they are awesome.

The next two in the trilogy went better. ( MONSTER’S CHAINS and TIED TO FAMILY) So now I’ve got three books and a short story. Soon, I hope to put the short story out myself, testing the waters of self-publishing and learning how to do this stuff.  I’ll tell you more about that in another post, which will be available much sooner than this one had been.