Family Unit

Beth was running late, but that didn’t stop her from coming to a complete halt in the bedroom doorway as her eyes fell on her men in all their naked glory. She watched for a moment as the afternoon sun lovingly caressed every ridge of their hard bodies, emphasizing the shift and play of muscle as they moved over each other.

Aaron’s tongue flicked out, tracing the long length of Sam’s thigh. Beth’s belly knotted and clenched, liquid lust pooling in her groin. The depth of emotion between the two men was a physical force, rolling over her, swamping her, reaching into her. Her heart squeezed and she forgot about the clock.

These two men had come into her life so unexpectedly. Beth had always had issues with commitment, unable to bring herself to build her life around just one person. She’d seen too many get hurt when their one person walked away, and she knew she wouldn’t ever be willing to take that chance.

When Sam had approached her, two years ago, she was instantly attracted, but solidly committed to her single life and only willing to entertain thoughts of a one-night stand. He teased and flirted but she’d kept things very light, until Aaron had joined them.

Beth pulled at the buttons on her shirt as Aaron closed his lips around Sam’s cock and drove deep. He’d done that the first night they’d been together, when Beth gave into temptation and curiosity and went home with them. He’d teased her with what could be, what she could have.

Sam had flirted, but Aaron had a way of putting everything on the table. He’d told her in no uncertain terms that both men wanted her. They’d already formed a bond between them, but they were looking for a woman to satisfy that additional need they both shared. She’d been intrigued enough to agree to a night but, when morning had come, Beth realized she’d found something that tantalized her on the deepest levels.

Watching them now, she let her blouse slip from her shoulders and let the memories flow over her. The slow lowering of her guard, the comfort she’d felt with them that first night. Rationalizing having two men and accepting them both into her heart when they’d asked her to stay another night. And another.

They’d created their own family in the past two years, the love between them strengthening with every passing day, cementing them into a trio that fulfilled all of them. Beth unzipped her skirt and let it slide down her legs, kicked out of her panties.

She crawled up onto the bed, licking Sam’s thigh as Aaron had done. Aaron drew back, releasing Sam’s cock with a subtle suction that had the other man’s hips lifting. Beth immediately leaned in to lick Aaron’s lips. He parted them for her, and she sank her tongue into his mouth with a quick, sweeping caress.

“Mmm, you taste like him,” she said.

His lips curved. “You’re going to be late.”

“I’d rather stay here with you guys, anyway.”

“Good.” Sam reached for her, urging her onto him until she lay against his chest.

Dark brown eyes met hers, sparkling with lust yet soothing her fears. Honest eyes, eyes that dared her to take a chance and promised she wouldn’t regret it. They reached it into her soul and set her at ease, even as they stoked the fire in her belly.

He took her lips in a searing kiss she felt down to her toes. Fire and love twined together and wrapped her spine. Behind her, Aaron ran his big hands down her back, kneading and gripping until he cupped the globes of her ass. Sam’s hands drifted down to meet Aaron’s, helping the other man shift her.

They loved doing that. From the beginning, the men worked as a unified whole, both taking her comfort and her pleasure seriously. Two sets of hands stroking, two mouths licking and kissing and sucking. After two years, it was easy, yet always thrilling. She could trust them, but they still had the power to excite her, send her on a dangerous adventure.

They worked together to pull her legs apart, spreading them until she straddled Sam’s hips. Aaron was a warm presence at her back, molding to her body until she moved when he did. He arched forward and back, sliding her over the long length of Sam’s cock. She threw her head back against his shoulder, reached her hand back to caress his face, and let the heat of Sam sink into her softest flesh.

Her thighs trembled and her belly was twisting by the time Aaron slowed and pulled her off their lover. Gently, he pushed Beth down to the mattress at Sam’s side, and bent his head, recapturing the honey-slick cock in his mouth. Aaron licked it, sucked the tip, swallowed it. Beth moaned.

“Now he tastes like you, Beth. So good.”

Sam ran his fingers through Aaron’s hair before he clenched the strands and drew the other man away. Aaron obediently sat back, a wicked glint in his eye as he looked Beth over, head to toe. She knew what he saw, her slow writhing, the flush of passion drifting over her skin, the restlessness of her legs.

Sam leaned up on his elbow. “Pull your legs up. Let us see, baby.”

She planted her feet on the mattress and spread her knees, showing them both how wet she was for them. Both men reached for her, two index fingers dragging through her cream, stroking her clit, pressing inside her needy depths.  She lifted for them, encouraging and pleading and tempting them into more.

Sam came to his knees and slid between her raised thighs. He caught her hips in his hands and pulled her close. Aaron pressed to his back, reaching around to grab Sam’s cock and angle it into her pussy. She loved it, loved the way they touched each other and her, the way they worked together to give her pleasure.

Sam slid home and Beth’s nerves jolted, both at the feel of him inside her and Aaron’s knuckles against her. She was deliciously full and eager for more. Need crawled up her pussy, swirled around Sam’s cock, sunk into her slick walls. She bucked against him, but he held still.

“Wait for Aaron.”

The other man’s face was flushed and passion-hard. His blue eyes were bright and focused as he stared down at Sam’s back, his shoulders shifting slightly. Sam’s mouth went slack, his nostrils flared, his head tilted back. Aaron moved, and Beth knew he was sliding into the other man’s ass.

Deep and smooth and hard, like he sometimes did to her. Memory sparked and spit, bringing another moan from Beth’s throat. Her body flexed around Sam’s.

Aaron drove them on. He arched forward, Sam sunk deeper, Beth lifted higher. She felt the weight of both men, their physical presence and their emotional one. They were together in their lust, their love and their pleasure.

She felt safe and cherished and ravished, all at once.

The tempo increased until the three were straining together. They bucked and heaved, the bedroom rang with moans and groans and grunts. Heat flickered between Beth’s legs and hurtled toward her heart with every heavy thrust. Her inner walls clenched and quivered, rubbing against Sam’s cock as if tempting him deeper.

And he obeyed. He lunged and plunged and shook as Aaron did the same. Sensation streaked over Beth, bit into her thighs and vibrated over her clit. Oxygen was hard to find and she gasped until Sam lowered his head and fused his mouth to hers. Blindly, she reached out and found Aaron’s face, stroked his cheek.

Hot, tingling sensation poured over her and locked her muscles. She clamped down on Sam’s cock, lifted her leg to slide against Aaron’s hip. Heat and pleasure exploded between her thighs and strangled her spine. Her hips churned desperately as she ripped her mouth from Sam’s, gasping and pressing her head into the pillows.

Around her, she heard a groan and a shout and the pleasure of her men was just as pleasurable to her. She pried open her eyes to watch them, loving the ferocity on their faces when they lost themselves to each other. Sam’s honesty, Aaron’s strength, their connection.

It gave her courage, sparked her faith.

Both men came to rest on either side of her. She lifted her face to each for a kiss, soft and soothing. Then she settled down between them and let the comfort of them wash over her cooling skin.