An Erotica Author’s Website Journey

I knew I would have to have a website. As an author, I just need one. So I did what anyone else would have done, I Goo-, ahem, I used a search engine to learn how to do it.

There were a ton of things on websites, both in general and for author’s website design, but not so much concerning erotica authors, who face so many more challenges then I ever expected. So, I figured I would give a head’s up to anyone else in the position I had found myself in.

Step 1: The Domain Name. That was easy for me. Go to a domain registry or find a web design company who will do it for you. I went to a registry and got a good approximation of my name,

Then a monkey wrench was thrown. I registered for a public domain, and was contacted by the registry with an explanation that anyone who ran a search could find my phone number, my house address and personal email address. I wanted to be a private domain, instead.

As an erotica author, I can’t risk it. Who knows what crackpots might show up at my house? In this world, you never know who’s gonna be looking for you, for whatever reason, and I want to protect my family, just as everyone else wants to protect theirs.

So I needed a proxy company to be listed for me, but they have some restrictions on content, and if your content doesn’t mesh well with their code, they can cancel the contract and your info is back out there for the whole world to find. I emailed the company I chose and received permission to use their services.

Step 2: Find a Host. Oh, tricky, tricky. Read those Acceptable Use policies, people! Just ‘cause it’s the internet doesn’t mean there’re no rules and regulations. (I know, it surprised me, too.) If the host doesn’t like the content of your site, they can delete it whenever they want. You lose everything. (So always have a back-up of content.)

I found several companies right off the bat that don’t even allow curse words, so those went out the window. I was confused, so I decided to ask outright. One company simply said no, another said yes, but with restrictions and Arvixe just said yes. Actually, they said yes ten minutes after I emailed them my question, so I declared them the winner and bought their hosting services.

On the other hand, you could just use a web design company who also offers hosting, but I didn’t, personally, find that ideal. I wanted a company with a proven track record of not randomly going offline. I wanted my site to be always up and running. Arvixe had great reviews, and I can personally vouch for their customer support.

Step 3: Design/Development. This is the part that made my head bleed, after banging it into so many walls. I’m just starting out, right? So I don’t have a fortune to spend. I looked for prices, and that was a confusing tangle of crap. I saw things everywhere from $50 to $25,000. Hmm, I’m distrustful of a very low price and didn’t have a hope of the affording the high price. (If I could afford $25,000, I would put down a payment to own my own house, not a snazzy website. And, for $25,000, a website had better be able to wash my dishes for me, take the dog for her walk and scrub my toilets.)

So, I started weeding companies out. Thumbtack was helpful, and I got some rough quotes that put the price for what I wanted in the range of $800-$1,000. Okay, I will think of this as an investment, and suck it up. (I come from a long line of misers, and it’s hard for me to slap a whole bunch of cash down on the barrel head. It took me two years of hemming and hawing before I bought my tablet.)

But lots of people refused to work with me because they felt I was putting up a porn site. To me, there’s a huge difference, but I try hard not to trounce on other people’s opinions, no matter how wrong they are. But I did find several who were okay with it, including one man who is very conservative, but agreed there’s a whole world of difference between pictures and words. He was a really nice guy.

It’s lovely when the tide of opinion changes and people can broaden their worldviews.

But, I ended up going with another company. I asked for a simple (to me, which is different than to the designer) website of five pages, which I invite you to explore at your leisure provided you are over 18 years old- which, if you’re not, you shouldn’t be reading this. I also wanted to be able to expand, if necessary, in the future, to include a place to sell my books.

Then I found more trouble, of course. First, if you can get a custom site, great, but if you use templates, read the terms/license agreements/etc. Know what you’re getting. If the owner of the template doesn’t like what you’re doing with his legal property, they can take it back, and sue you in the process.

Same for stock photos. If you can get original designs, made just for you, that’s awesome. And expensive. If you use stock photos, again, read all that legal stuff. Never, never, use just any old image you find on the internet. You don’t want to get sued.

I chose WordPress for usability. It’s a CMS, Content Management System, that many people understand, and I wanted to focus on ease of use and content, in my website. I would rather have it plain, but easy to visit, than the opposite.

So, to make this long story shorter. I learned patience and the value of active communication with patient people. Most everyone was more than willing to answer all my questions, no matter how odd or stupid. My advice to you: don’t feel it’s necessary to have a website the day you purchase your domain. Take your time, do your research and, if you have any questions, feel free to email all and sundry and politely demands answers. Have a contract with the web design/development company and don’t pay their cost all up front, they should let you split it, at the very least.


Sarah woke up cold and lonely, the gentle sound of rain tapping at the windows. Blindly, she reached out, searching for Andy’s warmth. Her hand met nothing but cooling sheets, and she twisted around to see the indent on the pillow of her husband’s head. But no husband.

She sighed and slowly rolled out of bed. The spring night air was warm against her bare legs as she made her way through the house. A shiver still worked over her, grief at what they’d endured, and all they may have lost.

Andy had only been home a month, so she was trying to be optimistic, and patient. He’d come home from the war without his once-ready smile, a far-away look in his eyes, instead. New lines had been etched into his face, and sleep didn’t come easily to him.

He was slipping farther and farther away from her everyday, and she desperately wanted her husband back. The laughing man she’d married, not the brooding stranger that had returned to her from the desert. Her heart broke every time he touched her now, his hands clutching her as if she’d be taken, and taking her as if she could heal his soul.

Maybe she could.

The thought whispered through her mind as she came to a halt in the saturated garden of their new home. It was the reason they’d settled on this tiny house, with a lush, rolling lawn leading out to overgrown meadows and no neighbors nearby.

Andy wasn’t ready for people, just yet.

He stood in the rain, his naked body silvered by the moonlight, with his head tilted back. He breathed deeply, but she could see the fine tremors working over his body, the tension in his broad shoulders, the jagged scar that lined his torso.

Her heart twisted, once again invaded by the thought of what she’d almost lost, was still in the process of losing, if she couldn’t find a way to reach him, to pull him back. Life had never felt so desperate, so vital.

He lowered his head, knowing she was there, watching him. Even in the weak moonlight, she could see the expression of remembered horrors in his eyes, the sadness in his face. She lifted her chin, determined to ride into battle, and claim her husband as the prize.

She pulled off her nightgown and carelessly let it drop to the sodden ground. Andy’s eyebrows rose, some of the sadness retracted. His cock twitched between his legs, beginning to swell with interest.

She stepped onto the wet grass, slick and warm beneath her feet. The smell of new flowers drifted past her as she walked through the quiet gardens, hushed as if the world held its breath, waiting to see the outcome of her sensual skirmish.

Her body loosened, heated the nearer she came to him, molding against him when she finally came to a stop. His hands came to rest on her hips, his fingers clenching spasmodically, as if he didn’t know whether to pull her closer, or push her away.


“Hush. No words.” She rose to her toes, breathing her command across his lips. “Just feel me.”

She let her lips drift across his, the taste of the rain mingling with his own as her tongue licked out, catching a drop. He opened for her, and she slowly entered, a sultry glide of velvet against velvet.

She lifted her hands to his chest, stroking the heavy muscles, tracing the scar gently. She pushed black thoughts from her mind, focusing on the seduction of her husband, instead. She scraped her nails over him, teasing him, and smoothed away the small ache with gentle strokes of her fingertips.

Her fingers coasted over the rippled muscle of his hard belly, reaching lower for her prize. She flattened her hand on his lower abdomen, letting him feel the hint of heat from her palm against his cock.

He rose for her and she caught him. She tried to convey all that she felt in her actions, stroking him from base to tip, and back again. She ran her thumb over the head of him, and deepened her kiss, capturing his breath as he lost it.

She pressed closer, trapping her hand and his length between their bellies. She rocked into him, undulated with a fluid roll of her spine, impressing his shape into her body, and impressing her love into his soul. His hands drifted over her hips to cup the curves of her ass and lift her, sliding his cock through her folds.

Heat blazed through her, tempered by feral emotions. Ripples of warmth loosened her muscles as she clamped her knees to his hips. Sharp need filled her as her folds enclosed his length and her body flooded, cream sliding from her to mix with the warm rain running down her legs.

He shifted against her, rocking, spreading her in smooth glides, rubbing against her distended clit as her belly clenched. She caught his shoulders and levered herself higher, until the tip of him nudged against the heat of her.

With an achingly slow push, he entered her, stretching her around his cock. She rolled her hips, pleading for more of him and determined to get her way. She felt his heart beating in time with hers, their breath mingling as they both pulled back from their kiss, desperate for air. Her blue eyes met his, dark as an abyss, and she let all her love for him shine through.

His eyes darkened further, his face lost some of the battle-weary tension he’d returned home with and tightened with lust, instead. His hips bucked, driving his length into her, sliding in her honey until he was fully seated.

“What you do to me, Sarah-”

“Shh, no words,” she reminded him. She tightened her inner muscles around his cock, showing him how much she needed him. “Tonight is for feeling, not talking.”

She used her knees at his hips to lift her body along his length, sliding back down slowly, completely. She wrapped him in her heat, and hoped to drive a little more of his cold grief away. Her own body approved of her plan, sending a new flood to ease his way, and new spears of heat to radiate down her legs.

He let her love him, heap pleasure upon him. His cheekbones sharpened with the effort of his control as she moved on him, rising and falling, slipping and sliding over him. She arched her back, pressing the hard pebbles of her nipples into his chest, stroking him and teasing herself.

She wanted slow and easy, but urgency picked up the whip. Lava poured down her spine, bowing it, drawing her hips tight to his, slamming into him, demanding more. He took control, his big hands on her ass, manipulating her along his length, driving into her, thrusting deep and hard.

Her breath broke, and he gave her his. He caught her mouth in a satin duel, sucking at her tongue, dragging his teeth over her lips. He held her close and took her warmth, sharing his own in return.

Sensation rippled up her pussy to squeeze around her womb. Her clit rasped against his body with every thrust of his hips, and she struggled to meet him, to keep her tempo. He only drove her harder.

She couldn’t hold on, so she let go, knowing he was there to hold her. This moment, he was hers, here in their garden and not in some battle-torn desert. She was in his arms and he was in hers, where he was meant to be.

Pleasure took her with a breathless sob. She clamped down him, holding him prisoner as he growled against her lips and worked deeper, obeying the pleading pull of her inner muscles. His hands tightened on her ass, rocking her as her pussy locked down on his cock.

Sensation still streaked over her nerves as he found his own pleasure, releasing into her with a hot flood that overfilled her. The mixture of him and her leaked from her body, sliding over her rain-slick skin.

Sarah threw her head back, with relief and release, letting him fill her with everything he had. A shining, thankful moment where she had her husband back, whole and home. A beautiful breath of time until the next battle, a remembrance of what she was fighting for.

He caught his breath, his heart pounding under her cheek. She felt her body relax, melt into him, mold to his form. His arms tightened, holding her close.