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Stand-Alone Short Stories

Stolen Goods 2000x3000
She just wants a baby… But he wants it all

FBI agent Nolan Findley is on the hunt. There is a woman out there who just might be pregnant with his child. Possibly. He’ll do whatever it takes to find her, learning everything he can about her past regardless of how it impacts her future.

Weslyn Moon just wants a baby—not a man. But it’s hard to deny her attraction when Agent Findley shows up at her motel room and manhandles her back to the scene of one of her many crimes…the reproductive center where she stole his sperm.

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Lured new

As a nature photographer, David is confident he can handle anything he finds in the Polish woods at night, in spite of an old man’s crazy story about the women who wait deep within the forest, looking to steal a man’s soul.

But then he’s lured from the path, where he meets Willa, the embodiment of all his fantasies. When she begs for his help, David instantly agrees to give it, his thoughts too jumbled to wonder why the beautiful creature is so deep in the forest, naked and alone.

After the most sensual night of his life, David knows he is lucky to be alive, but he can’t get Willa out of his mind. He’s addicted, obsessed and determined to find her again, but returning to the forest means David will be punished for his infatuation. Unless Willa agrees to keep him by her side forever…

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bp pic_800

Beloved Priestess: Her duty-their pleasure

Travel to a whole new land in Beloved Priestess, where fantasy meets fated love…

Dahlene is an acolyte of the rain goddess, tasked with the responsibility of bringing hope to her drought-stricken people. She is faithful in her duty, even if it requires her to give up the man she loves.

Prince Valeran chooses Carani as his bride-to-be, but he has no intention of setting Dahlene aside. That suits Carani just fine. She wants them both.

A jealous brother and an old pact with the fire god has left Valeran’s kingdom wasted. It will take all three—groom, bride and priestess—to right past wrongs and bring the rain.

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